Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 29 - Monday Weigh-In Week #4

Song of the day:  Rihanna ft. Drake - What's My Name?

Lets just get right to it.

1/3/11 - 232.6 lbs

1/10/11 - 224.2 lbs
1/17/11 - 220.8 lbs
1/24/11 - 218.8 lbs
1/31/11 - 217.4 lbs

Weight loss for Week Four: 1.4 lbs
Weight loss Total: 15.2 lbs

I am also taking my measurements every 4 weeks, but I'm not sure where a tape measure is at my parents so that will have to wait.  I'm actually pleasantly surprised that I lost any weight at all!  I ate so much junk this weekend and only exercised twice this past week.  It makes me wonder what I can do this week with my head back in the game!  I am already back to tracking what I'm eating, and eating what I should.  It's crazy to believe that in four weeks I've lost over 15 lbs.  I'm really interested to see what my measurements are going to be.  I haven't shared my measurements because it's too much to type.  But I am measureing my chest, right arm, right thigh, narrowist part of my waist, stomach, and hips.   It's just too much to type and I don't feel like doing it.  I know, lame, but I obviously don't have an issue with "over-sharing" so if you really want to know, I'll be happy to tell you.  I'm pretty sure you can see them on  Worth the curiosity and the amazing information you get for joining  I'll share the inches lost tomorrow.... assuming I find a tape measure.

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