Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 25 - It's My Birthday!!!

Song of the day:  The Beatles - Happy Birthday

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!  On day 25 of my weight loss journey I turn 24! 

Yesterday Miranda and I did some cardio then did the Ballet Toning workout at the Snap fitness on Hwy 16 and Gillette.  It was so good!  I rediscovered muscles that I had forgotten about!  Today I feel like I got a really good workout, but I don't feel sore, so that's good!  After our workout we went to Panera to eat.  Did you know that they put their calorie content on their menu?  And on their website they have all of their nutritional information?  How awesome is that?  We were able to make well informed decisions on what we ate, and that always feels good! 

I got to sleep in today!  Happy Birthday to me!!  I'm going to do lunch (at Panera - I really like knowing my nutritional info - I'm so lame) with Becki!  Hopefully I'll get some cardio in today, but if not, it's my birthday!  Kyle is coming back from Minneapolis with some people from work so I am going to pick him up in Tomah around 6:00, then back to my parents for a late birthday dinner!  :):):):) I just got roses delivered to me from Kyle!  Kyle and I have never been together for my birthday so I'm really excited to actually see him!  I'm still not sure what I want to do to celebrate this weekend.  I keep going back and forth between going out and seeing friends on Friday or heading back to Madison and having a weekend alone.  Both great options!  Maybe we'll do both!

I feel like 24 is going to be so different from every other year.  Even though I'm now a wife and mother I am doing so much for myself.  I'm feel really great!  :)

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