Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 201

Song of the day:  Jenna Rose - My Jeans  ...made by the same people who did Rebecca Black's "Friday" I think it's worse (or better?) than "Friday."

It's so nice to have Kyle' home!  I sleep so much better when he's home and Elliot gets so excited!  Of course, when he goes to work the next day Elliot spends most of the day asking for "dada."  Last night Kyle and I ordered a ton of chinese take out, and even though I know it's bad for me, it tasted so good!  We haven't had it in a really long time, and it was worth the extra calories.  And really, I'm not even sure if it's extra calories because I didn't eat a high calorie breakfast or lunch.  In fact, I think lunch was just snacking on carrots and some crackers.  For breakfast, yesterday and today, I had Captain Crunch Crunch Berries.  SO GOOD.  They were on clearance (because of the limited time retro box) at Target, and so so good!

The heat wave is officially over!  But we're still inside today.  I've just been so exhausted and apparently Elliot is too.  He napped from 9:30-12:30 this morning!  I woke up from my nap at noon and was really confused as to why I didn't hear Elliot.  Half an hour later he was up.  When Kyle gets home we're going to head to Verizon and finally get me a phone!  I'm still not sure if we're going to have to add an extra line, or just buy a phone, or what, but either way, I'm getting a phone today!  It was kind of nice not having one, but really really annoying at the same time.  And like I said yesterday, Facebook Chat sucks.  

I'm not really sure what we're going to do this weekend.  It all depends on the weather and what we're feeling up to.  Kyle's been traveling a lot, and has a lot of travel ahead of him, so I'm okay if he just wants to lay low at home.  Also, it's supposed to rain, so I'm not sure what we'll even be able to do.

And I'm already tired again.... maybe it's a two nap day....   

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 200 - it's been awhile!

Song of the day:  Jack's Mannequin - The Mixed Tape ...forgot how much I love this song!

Wow!  It's been over two weeks since I last wrote!  Last week we went up to YMCA Camp du Nord (which was featured on the Today Show this morning!) with my family and I was without a computer for a week!  It was amazing!  Everyday we walked 2-6 miles, hiked, canoed, swam in the lake, and just had a great time!  Elliot had so much fun being able to be constantly outside!  It was so nice to get away on vacation and to just lose ourselves in the week.

Elliot broke my phone right before we left, so I've also gone without a phone for the last 2 weeks!  There's so many options on what we should do since we're in the middle of our contract, so I just decided to wait until Kyle got home to take care of it.  Hopefully either tonight or tomorrow night I'll have a phone again!  It was actually really nice not to have a phone, at first.  Now, it's just annoying.  Facebook chat sucks and trying to have a real conversation on there is harder than you would think.

I actually did weigh myself on Tuesday morning, but I never got around to writing a blog until today.

1/3/11 - 232.6 lbs
1/31/11 - 217.4 lbs
2/28/11 - 206.0 lbs
3/26/11 - 208.8 lbs
4/25/11 - 206.0 lbs
5/31/11 - 203.2 lbs

6/28/11 - 206.2 lbs
7/5/11 - 207.4 lbs
7/12/11 - on vacation7/19/11 - 208.2 lbs

Weight loss for Week Twenty-Eight:  +0.8 lbs
Weight loss Total: 24.4 lbs

Weight loss since my heaviest (5/22/10 - 264 lbs): 55.8 lbs

I did a lot of exercising at camp, but we also had a ton of really good food, and dessert every night!  It was so good!  

That being said, I was planning on getting out this week and continuing walking a few miles a day, but we've been under a heat wave advisory so Elliot and I have been inside all week.  It's supposed to be over now, but it's still 92 degrees outside right now.  And muggy.  I don't like sweating while working out, I really hate sweating when I'm not even moving.  Yuck.

This morning I took a shower, shaved my legs, and blow-dried my hair when I was done.  I feel like a new person.  I don't know the last time I actually "did" my hair.  I feel like Kyle and I should find a babysitter and go on a date!  Lol.  I'm really excited to do nothing this weekend!  Hopefully the pool won't be too packed and we can go swimming - or maybe we'll try out one of the local aquatic centers.  I also want to check out the library near us.  I need a new library card, and I think I want to read the Hunger Games books.  I know they're for teens, but whatever, they look good.  Although, I don't know how much extra time I'll have for leisure reading because I have another class starting Monday.  But the professor is still listed as TBA and the class isn't open on D2L yet, so who knows if the class will happen or not.  I go back and forth with how I feel about that.  I really want to take this class now so I have it done, but I wouldn't mind having another three weeks of no commitment, but I'll probably be bored without it.  

My goal for today is to get the house picked up, possibly cleaned before Kyle gets home.  Every time I pick something up, Elliot puts it back on the floor.  I think he likes the dvd's on the floor better than on the shelf.  He also really likes taking plastic bottles out of the recycling and carrying them around the house.  Thankfully their clean, but they're everywhere now!  I just need to take them out because I'm getting sick of picking them up, lol.  

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 185 - Hot Town, Summer In The City

Song of the day:  The Lovin' Spoonful - Summer In The City

I'm glad to report that this morning was much less eventful than yesterday morning!  I don't know if it was the stress of the morning, or just me giving into temptation, but I ate pretty horribly yesterday.  I just wanted to eat everything in sight!  I had bought some Oreo's Monday night because I had a coupon, and there was a sale, and Kyle's been talking about wanting something sweet lately.  Well, Kyle's gone, which leaves all the Oreo's in my hands.  I ate 6.  Good news is that I also drank a glass of milk, bad news is that I also dipped 2 of them in peanut butter (but it was all natural!), lol.  That was the worse thing that I ate, but I also had yogurt, 3 hard boiled eggs, 4 pieces of watermelon, a cheese quesadilla, a lean cuisine, a green bell pepper, and one of those single serving bags of popcorn for a late night snack.  Okay, I guess it just looks like more than it really was.  Watermelon is pretty much nothing, and a green bell pepper is really good for you too.  I think it looks like more in a list than it does in calories.  

This morning I've kept the trend going.  I had a piece of toast with peanut butter and a banana for breakfast, yogurt, 1/2 red bell pepper, 1/2 green bell pepper, 1 cup rice, and lots of szechuan sauce for lunch, and those Oreo's are trying to call my name.  I've already decided that I'm not going to give into them today!  We have a ton of fresh veggies, fruit, and salad items left since we had thought that Kyle's brother was coming here Thursday and Friday, and I didn't know that Kyle was out of town this week.  So, food that was supposed to cover 2-3 people is now all supposed to be eaten by me before it goes bad.  Good think it's healthy!  

Elliot and I had a fun time at the pool yesterday.  It was really busy and Elliot wasn't really sure what to think about all of the other kids.  He was really interested in watching the older kids do cannon-balls into the pool.  He really likes the water, and was ready for a nap after we were done.  He's definitely getting back into his schedule, and that makes me happy :)  Tomorrow we have to go to Children's Hospital for his 1 year post-NICU developmental appointment, and I'm feeling confident that everything will go great!  

It's already in the 80's so we'll be heading back to the pool today!  I'm also going through all of our stuff and getting rid of what we don't need, and cleaning everything else.  I guess it's a little late for spring cleaning, but it needs to get done.  We've been living out of suit cases for the last month with all of our traveling, so our house is just in disarray.  Of course, we're traveling again this weekend so part of me doesn't see the point in cleaning, but it will be really nice to come home to everything in it's correct place!     

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 184 - Tuesday Weigh-In Week #26

Song of the day:  Sugar Ray - Every Morning  

We had such a great weekend!  We had a great time in Pembine and a fun time at Bay Beach on Monday morning.  Elliot was definitely feeling the 5 days of travel though, and was crabby because of it.  He doesn't really like to sleep in the car unless he's so tired he can't fight it anymore.    

We headed home at about 3:00 yesterday and thankfully Elliot slept the whole car ride home!  This never happens!  It really helped the car ride be a little more enjoyable instead of us trying to tune out his yelling.  Once we got home we unpacked the car and Elliot ate dinner.  Afterwards he was started walking around the house and taking inventory of all his toys, lol.  He and Kyle went on a walk while I did some coupon grocery shopping!  I got a ton of great deals including dawn + olay hand renew dishwashing soap for .50 a bottle!  We are stocked up on diapers for probably the rest of the summer, lol.  Kyle and I didn't eat dinner until about 9:00 and the fast choice was frozen pizza.  We ate way to much pizza.  Enough that I can probably attribute it to my weight gain this past week (along with doing some over indulging this weekend).  

1/3/11 - 232.6 lbs
1/31/11 - 217.4 lbs
2/28/11 - 206.0 lbs
3/26/11 - 208.8 lbs
4/25/11 - 206.0 lbs
5/31/11 - 203.2 lbs

6/28/11 - 206.2 lbs

7/5/11 - 207.4 lbs

Weight loss for Week Twenty-Five:  +1.2 lbs
Weight loss Total: 25.2 lbs

Weight loss since my heaviest (5/22/10 - 264 lbs): 56.6 lbs

I guess I should just be glad that that's all I gained over a holiday weekend.  We're back home this week, so that should help me get back on track.  

Oh- and besides my weigh-in, I have already had an eventful morning.  Kyle went in to get Elliot at about 7:30 and very quickly came back in our room.  -thing to remember: Kyle is heading to Milwaukee and needs to be at work by 7:45 to meet the other people who he is going to Milwaukee with- Elliot had taken off his poopy diaper and got poop all over his crib - and partially on the floor from throwing the diaper out of his crib.  He had also peed in his crib.  Fun.  So, I started a bath and cleaned him up, then got him in his high chair for breakfast and started cleaning up.  I didn't yell at him or anything, but he was just crying through the whole bath/getting dressed.  I think he knew that he did something naughty.  I just threw away the sheet because it wasn't worth trying to clean it.  Thankfully I have some really great cleaner that kills germs as well as it kills the smell.  30 minutes later, everything was clean and back to normal.  

I think I deserve a nap today!  We're going to head to the pool this afternoon, and probably go for a walk as well.  Hopefully tomorrow morning will be less eventful!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 181 - It's July Already??

Song of the day:  A-Ha - Take On Me

Kyle took off on Thursday and Friday and we headed up to Waupaca to visit his mom and his brother Aaron.  We haven't seen his brother in about a year (he lives/works in Australia) so it was great to get to spend some time with him!  Yesterday Aaron, Kyle, Elliot, and I came up to Green Bay to have dinner with Kyle's dad (Brian) and his wife (Peg).  I love coming up here.  It's just so relaxing and comfortable.  This morning for instance, I slept until 9.  Awesome!  It's very similar to when we go to my parents house.  

Today Kyle's Aunt Michele and Uncle David are coming up from Ohio!  It's been about a year since we've seen them too, so it will be great to spend some time with them!  Today isn't supposed to be as hot as yesterday, so we're thinking about taking a trip to the zoo!  

We've been eating out a lot, but I'm glad to report that I've been making some good choices.  Kyle and I split a side of fries at lunch on Thursday, I only had two pieces of pizza for dinner on Thursday, and for breakfast on Friday I stopped eating when I was full.  Crazy right?  I stopped eating when I was full!  Someone call the press!  Oh, but I didn't want to stop.  I ate the two eggs, bacon, about 75% of my hash browns (with cheese) and 1.5 pieces of the most amazing homemade whole-wheat toast I've ever had.  I didn't really care about finishing my hash browns, but I really wanted to eat more toast.  But I realized that I was full and didn't need to do that.  I also have been drinking unsweetened ice tea and water instead of sugar-y drinks and soda.

Tomorrow we're heading up to Pembine with Peg's family.  It's so nice up there and there's a ton of trails and waterfalls to see.  There's a lot of kids too, and another little boy named Elliott who's about 5 months older than Elliot, so he should have a lot of fun!  There's also a couple of "pup-pups" and "kiki" (we think this is kitty since that's what he says as he's chasing Brian and Peg's cats, lol) so Elliot is going to be really excited!  

I'm not really sure what we're going to do Monday, but there's bound to be fireworks involved!

Okay, it's 9:45.  I should probably take a shower, or do something productive.... maybe :)