Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 7 - last day of the week!

Song of the day: Wisin Y Yandel ft Nelly Furtado - Sexy Movimiento Remix

Yesterday's work out totally kicked my butt!  I can still feel it in my arms!  I did 20 minutes on the bike, then one rep of strength training, 20 minutes on the elliptical, another rep of strength training, 20 minutes on the treadmill, then some deep stretching.  I feel like I had an intense workout, but I don't feel like I am sore or hurt.  In the past I would work out until my body gave out, then I was so sore the next day that I didn't want to go work out again.  This past fall when I had an "I'm going to get in shape!" burst I did an hour of intense cardio every day.  By the end of day 5 my knees hurt so bad that it was making sleeping uncomfortable.  My mom recently had both of her knees replaced due to arthritis and I started wondering if I had arthritis!  The pain lasted for about a month.  It was so bad that I had to take tylenol to be able to sleep.  It started to go away a couple weeks ago and I realized that the pain was from over-extending my knees.  That's part of the reason that I've decided to slowly get back into working out.  I'm only doing half an hour of cardio a day because I don't want my body to freak out.  Lets face it, I'm out of shape and my body doesn't need the shock of a week of intense workouts.  Also, when I make a goal of working out for an hour, it's easier for me to not go if I convince myself I don't have the time.

The guacamole bacon burgers were so good!  We also had sweet potato fries as a side and dipped them in more guacamole.  I love guacamole and could eat it everyday, but oh man, this stuff gives you really bad morning breath, lol.  We are having the same thing for lunch today.  For dinner we are having tomato-citrus salmon, and oh my, it looks so good!  I am trying to get more fish into our diets.  My goal is to have 2-3 fish dinners a week, and this week we will!  Even though weeks are typically Sunday- Saturday, we are viewing weeks as Monday-Sunday.  It's so much easier to start a weight loss plan on a Monday, at least for me.

My first weigh-in is tomorrow morning, and I'm a little nervous.  Since I know I am weighing myself tomorrow morning I really want to work out a ton today and eat nothing, but I know that won't be real weight loss, and my body will probably think that it's starving and hold onto water and anything that I eat.  I'm trying not to let it effect what I'm eating today.  I'm trying to eat as normal as possible, and workout how I normally would.  Real weight loss ("real" being weight loss that will stay off) is a slow process, 1-2 lbs a week, right?  I need to keep that in the forefront of my mind today!

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