Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 3

Day 3 - Still going strong!  I'm waiting for the freak out, but it hasn't happened yet!  I attribute that to the website  It's a free weight loss website where you can track everything you eat, water drank, calories burned, and lots more.  Kinda like the weight watchers website, but free!  I'm really excited for dinner tonight!  We're going to have Spicy Shrimp Noodle Bowl with cucumber salad ( "Dinner Tonight." Cooking Light. October: 88) and it looks amazing!  The cider-glazed chicken was really good!  I made up our plates and Kyle looked at it and said, "that's it!"  and I said, "yes honey, that's 1 serving."  I thought the same thing the first time I really looked at portions.  It's amazing how much we really overeat.  That's always been my problem.  Don't get me wrong, my favorite foods are pizza and tacos, but I don't really like sweet things, and I eat pretty healthy foods.  The problem is that I eat WAY too much of those foods.  Take last night for instance.  I made 4 servings of food and normally Kyle and I would have each had 2 servings.  Granted 1 serving is only 333 calories, I also didn't typically make super healthy food.  On Monday we had tacos, but I stuck to just 1 serving - 2 tacos, 622 calories - YIKES!  Even worse, normally I would have had SIX tacos!  That's 1822 calories!!  That's a whole days worth of calories that I would have at the end of the day, with no activity after I ate!!!  Now, don't get me wrong, I knew that 6 tacos was way more that 1 serving, but I ate until I was stuffed.  I  also have this complex about food (and I'm pretty sure that this goes for A LOT of people) that I feel like I need to finish A: everything that's on my plate, even if I'm full, and B: everything that I made.  Taco shells come in a package of 12, so I felt like Kyle and I each needed to eat 6 tacos otherwise the unused shells would go to waste.  I hate throwing away food because there are so many people that go without, but there's not really an option of buying just 4 shells.  That being said, it will be a long time before we have tacos again because they are so calorie packed, so I won't need to worry about that for a while. 

I definitely feel better.  My body feels clearer, if that makes sense.  And really, I'm not hungry.  I know, eating right and exercising makes you feel better and lose weight? - CRAZY!?!  Well, here's to another day!

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  1. This is SO awesome Bekah!! It is very inspiring and I can't wait to keep reading:)