Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 19

Song of the day:  Jill Sobule - Supermodel

I realized that I haven't really been writing what I'm eating, and it's because it's not all that interesting.  All week for lunch I've had a peanut butter and green olive sandwich.  Yeah, cringe if you like, but it's really good!  For dinner one night I had a whole bowl of hummus with sliced mushrooms.  Another night I had some Life cereal.  I haven't gone over my calorie allowance, I've even gone under on some days, but I haven't really been eating like an adult either.  When Kyle's gone I just don't really feel like making food.  Bring in last night.  Kyle was flying somewhere between Atlanta and Milwaukee for dinner, but I decided to make adult food anyway.  I had a chicken breast that I seasoned with a tiny bit of salt, pepper, and lemon peel.  I dipped it in sriracha sauce, which is one of my favorite flavors!  I also had a side of asparagus with toasted almonds.  It was so good!  And the whole meal was only 353 calories!  

Yesterday I did strength training with the assistance of the swiss ball, and did the 'Crunch: Fat Burning Dance Party' video on Netflix.  I'm not sure if sitting on the ball when I'm on the computer is really doing anything, but yesterday morning (while Elliot was napping) I was listening to some Pandora radio while "dancing" on the ball.  It took a while to be able to type and bounce at the same time, but thankfully the little red squiggly line tells me when I spell something wrong.  Like I said, I'm not sure how much the ball is really helping me, but it's more activity than if I was sitting on a regular chair.  

Tonight we are going to look at some new apartments.  We really like the place we have now, and it has EVERYTHING on our wish list, except for the location.  We're just really far from Madison, and I'm (hopefully) going back to school in the fall to either Whitewater or MATC and it's just too far of a drive.  I need to make a grocery list for the next 3 days so we can go grocery shopping after our viewings.  I think I will make what I had last night for dinner tonight.  If I don't plan something I will end up suggesting we go out to eat.  I'm really trying to not go out to eat (with the exception of my birthday, because I don't want to cook) until I'm half-way through my weight loss journey.  Normally when we are out during dinner time, or anytime close, we go out to eat.  I fear that we could easily talk ourselves into going out to eat and saying that we're going to make healthy choices.  I'm just not sure we will, not yet at least.  

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