Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 26

Song of the day:  Spice Girls - Wannabe

Yesterday was awesome!  Kyle got into Tomah an hour earlier than expected so we got to have dinner (stir-fry) at a normal time instead of late.  My mom made the pecan spice cake with maple frosting and it was so good!  The look of it was interesting since the frosting was a new adventure, but it tasted amazing!  My parents got me an additional lense for my camera and I wish I would have brought my camera with so I could take amazing pictures at Percheron Paradise!  Kyle surprised me with a 3 day 2 night trip to a cabin in the middle of woods in the middle of nowhere!  Without Elliot!  I'm so excited!  They provide everything you could possibly need except food.  I have no plans of writing a blog for the next few days so I'll be back either Sunday or Monday.  My Monday weigh-in will probably be a little interesting because I won't be tracking anything this weekend either.  But you know what, it will be worth it!  I'm so excited!!

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