Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 13

Song of the day: Josie and the Pussycats - Three Small Words

I was a little nervous that I hadn't planned out what to eat yesterday.  Especially since I knew we didn't have much at home.  That is pretty much a recipe for a McDonald's drive through meal.  But I made it through and ate at home!  For lunch I had a chicken breast and a potato (that I cut into fries and baked).  Since that's really all we have in the house it's also what I made Kyle and myself for dinner.  Except for dinner I marinated the chicken in red-wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and oregano.  It's the same marinade recipe from the greek style pork chops that we had at my parents house this past week.  

I worked out after Kyle and I had dinner, and it felt great!  I've been doing speed walking on the treadmill because I just wasn't feeling up to running yet, but last night I did run for a couple of minutes!  I actually felt like running!  I think that's a huge step for me.  It really shows me that my body is improving and getting healthier.  When I got home I took a shower and then got ready for bed.  At about 11:00 it hit me.  Terrible terrible migraine/tension headache mixed with terrible terrible sinus pressure.  I tried to just sleep it off, but I couldn't get comfortable.  Finally at about 4:00 I took some tylenol and that helped a little bit.  It at least took of the edge so I could fall asleep.  I woke up this morning not feeling much better, and my whole body feels swollen.  My plans for today were to go work out then go grocery shopping, but I think I'll wait and see if that actually happens.  

For lunch today we are going to have shrimp stir-fry.  I don't have a recipe link for this because it's something that I've always made.  For dinner we are going to have pan-fried chicken fingers with spicy dipping sauce and sweet potato fries.  It looks really good and seems like a good game-day food.  GO PACK GO!!

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