Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 5 - getting my GTL on.

Song of the day: Jersey Shore- Crazy Theme Song  ... I know, I know...

So, yesterday was really hard.  Because I wanted to eat food from home, and I don't have access to a microwave in Milwaukee, I had to change up my snack and lunch.  I added an extra little snack of a serving of brie, apple, and spinach quesadilla (really good!), but because I had eaten at weird times I was still feeling hungry from 4-6.  I'm glad to say that I fought through it and didn't snack on anything else, which is definitely something that I would have done previously.  This is normally the time during a "diet" that I give up and let myself eat just a little more or something to "tide me over" and then before I know it I've had a whole extra meal.  I don't think that this is the last day I'll struggle, but I'm glad that I got through it successfully.  To get through it I drank some water and watched the Jersey Shore.... yup... and we watched the season premiere, lol.  

Today we have to go to Milwaukee again and this time for a longer appointment, so I'm bringing lunch with me instead of just a snack.  For lunch I'm having prosciutto, pear, and blue cheese sandwich, and it looks amazing!  Hopefully it makes it to Milwaukee!  The chicken with lemon leek linguine we had for dinner last night was so good!  I had never had a leek before (at least not to my knowledge) but I really liked it!  Such a different flavor.  Tonight we are going to have sauteed chicken breasts with pico de gallo and cilantro lime rice.  Yesterday was also hard because Kyle had to work late, so we had dinner later, and I thought the jersey shore premiere started at 8, then realized it started at 9, so it was 10 before I was ready to go work out.  But I changed and got my butt to snap because I knew if I let myself not go it would be the first step to letting myself get away with slacking in other areas.  Plus I had to get my GTL on.  HA!  Bad joke....  Fist Pump!!

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