Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 18: grapefruits are not oranges

Song of the day:  Nelly - Just a Dream

Grapefruits don't eat like oranges.  

I have a bunch of fruit sitting on a decorative plate on our table.  A bunch that I thought included one orange and two grapefruit.  When I cut into the "orange" I quickly realized it was a grapefruit.  Typically when I eat a grapefruit I peel the outside then individually peel each section away from it's little holder.  Most people will cut it in half, then cut away from the membrane then sugar and spoon out each triangle.  I learned the overkill peel technique from my dad.  It takes longer to eat the grapefruit that way so it gives your body time to get full, or at least feel satisfied.  Also it's so much work you don't feel like eating another one.  So here I was with a grapefruit cut in half and me not wanting to eat it with a spoon.  I decided to just keep cutting and eat it like an orange.  Because of the little pockets that you would normally cut the grapefruit away from it was hard to eat some of the sections.  About half of the pieces formed these nice 5-star restaurant looking grapefruit wedges.  The other half was this mesh of fruit and skin and I had to use my teeth to strip out the fruit.  Either way I the grapefruit was still very good, just a very odd eating experience.  This morning I googled "grapefruit" and got the wikipedia entry giving me a new idea of how to slice it.  I'll probably try it sometime this week since I know the other two pieces of fruit left are definitely grapefruits.  

I'm feeling a million times better than I have been for the past week!  Yesterday I even did the 'Crunch: Cardio Sculpt' video on Netflix.  It's totally dated as far as attire goes, but it's definitely a nice 30 minute workout.  Kyle is coming home tonight, so I can finally get back to Snap!  I'm really liking working out, but I'm realizing that I'm also really liking time to myself.  I know that for the time that I'm there, no one will ask me anything.  It's time alone, even though I'm with another 3-12 other people.  

I'm still nervous about hitting my goal of 207 lbs by my birthday.  But when I was looking in the mirror this morning I realized that I will be a healthier 207 lbs (or so) than I was the last time I was that weight.  I mean, it's still an unhealthy weight for me, but it's better than it was before.  It's weird how differently I think of weight when it's going down versus when it's going up.  When I saw 221 lbs when I was gaining, even though I was pregnant and supposed to gain weight, it was still a shock and unwanted.  Now I'm excited to see 221 lbs.  It's all in perspective.  

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