Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 27/28 - Amazing Weekend!

Song of the day:  Far East Movement - Like a G6

The weekend was amazing!  It was exactly what we needed to recharge our batteries!  We did absolutely nothing.  I recommend this cabin to anyone who wants an amazing weekend!  The only downside was that we decided to go off our eating healthy for the weekend and now I feel icky.  We ate chips and pizza and wings, and now I feel super bloated and I'm not looking forward to weighing-in tomorrow.  It was definitely worth it, but next time we'll get different food. 

Kyle is heading to Utah for (hopefully) the last time!  But with the way the weather looks he may not get out of Madison until Tuesday.  Elliot and I will be in West Salem for the week then Kyle will come up on Saturday.  Then we'll be joining about 99% of the rest of Wisconsin and watching the Packers on Sunday!  I'm hoping this week goes by fast because I'm already missing Kyle.  :(

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