Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 20 - rewards

Song of the day:  Flo Rida - Who Dat Girl ft. Akon

On I read a lot of blogs about people giving themselves mini-goals and rewards for reaching their goals.  I'm all about mini-goals, one of mine being 207lbs by my birthday (which looks like it may have been a lofty goal), and rewards are fine, but I think the best reward is being down to my goal weight and healthy.  One thing that bothers me is when people use junk food, or food in general, as a reward.  It's like giving food power over you.  And isn't it kind of counter productive?  Yes, I'm finally 207 lbs, now I get to eat a whole chocolate cake?  How does that make sense?  I think if you want chocolate cake, then just eat it, but eat the right portion.  

Yesterday I did the '10 Minute Solution: Fat Blasting Dance Mix' video on Netflix.  Instead of doing one 10 minute workout, I did all 5.  They were really fun and got my heart pumping!  Today I get to go back to Snap and I'm excited about that!  We are also making real food again for lunch and dinner.  For lunch we are going to have guacamole bacon burgers (again) and for dinner we are having the filet mignon that we were going to have last week.  I'm even allowing myself a glass of red wine with dinner (since I have to use it to cook with anyway :)).  

Yesterday I also got some great news - I got into UW-Whitewater!  I start this summer!  It feels great to finally have a plan in action to get done with school!  My excitement has been started to deflate with worry when I think about what going back to school means.  The main worries are paying for school and getting Elliot a day care provider.  I know we can get loans, but I'm still worried about getting them.  Also our rent will be going up (we also found a place we really like) and to add the expense of day care just makes me nervous about money.  -and the whole idea of someone else taking care of Elliot, someone that I don't even know, makes me nauseous.  I know we'll be fine because Kyle has a really good job, and we made sure our budget could fit this before we made decisions, but I'm still nervous.  It's just a new change in our lives.  I feel like every year we have a big change in our lives, and I get all nervous, and then everything's fine and even better than I expected.  Praying for calm nerves... and for the Packers to win on Sunday!

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