Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 50 - Monday Weigh-In Week #7

Song of the day:  Feist - 1234

50 days.  50!!  I've never made it this far in any workout routine ever!  I'm halfway to 100!  I'm not only proud of myself for the weight loss, but more importantly that I've stuck with it for this long.  I think my past "get healthy" streak was like 12 days.  If even that.  

1/3/11 - 232.6 lbs
1/10/11 - 224.2 lbs
1/17/11 - 220.8 lbs
1/24/11 - 218.8 lbs
1/31/11 - 217.4 lbs
2/7/11 - 213.8 lbs
2/14/11 - 214.8 lbs

2/21/11 - 211.2 lbs

Weight loss for Week Seven: 3.6 lbs
Weight loss Total: 21.4 lbs

*Weight loss since my heaviest (264 lbs): 52.8 lbs 

*Granted I was 9+ months pregnant at my heaviest, but Elliot only weighed 10 lbs, so I'm going to track that as well.  :)

I'm not going to lie, I was hoping for a little more weight loss.  I think it's because of shows like The Biggest Loser.  I have it in my head if I don't lose a double digit then I'm not doing well.  But seriously 3.6 lbs is awesome!  I've lost over 21 lbs in 7 weeks, by myself.  I'm cooking my own food, still living my own life, and I am working out on my own.  That definitely something to celebrate!  I've came so far in the past 7 weeks and I not only weigh less, I feel better.  

Kyle is home sick today :( so while he and Elliot are both sleeping I'm going to get in a long workout.  I am doing cardio and strength training today, so it will be nice to get it in during the day and not feel rushed at night.  

I'm not quite sure what we're going to have for dinner.  We have quite a bit of ground turkey, so I should probably find a recipe that uses it.  I'm thinking either tacos or meatloaf.  Either way, it's good to know that I'm consistently making better food choices.

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  1. 3.6 is awesome! excellent result! go you!

    i don't eat beef, so i use ground turkey a lot. i use it exactly interchangeably with ground beef- tacos, meatloaf, in soups, etc.

    it's good stuff!