Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 32 - Yes, I love television, and I don't feel bad about it.

Song of the day:  The Buggles - Video Killed the Radio Star

Yesterday was great!  In fact, this whole week has been great!  I did 20 minutes of cardio before Miranda and I did the ballet toning class.  Jonathan was sick so the yoga teacher taught the class.  We did a lot of yoga and a little bit of toning with weights.  I know just a few days ago I said I was against yoga, but I actually really liked it last night.  I realized that I didn't like it because of the Yoga Booty Ballet videos.  And it's not the yoga I didn't like, it's the instructors.  The ladies, who I'm sure are nice, are just a little too intensely happy for my taste.  I'm willing to give the yoga class another chance the next time I'm in town on a Tuesday night.  

After our workout I met up with Gigi for dinner at Panera then we went back to her house to watch American Idol!  I ended up staying up much later than I thought, and Elliot got up half an hour earlier than normal, so I'm kinda tired today.  I'm hoping some breakfast and a little power nap will do the trick!  

Today is going to be busy!  We have a play date with Maria and Kynzley this afternoon, then I'm going to have coffee/snack with my brother Cole, then Miranda and I are doing Zumba tonight!  We plan on doing dinner, and will probably go to Panera - shocking!  I really need to register my frequent eater Panera card so I can start getting some rewards for my addiction! 

I'm also super excited for the dungeons and dragons themed episode of Community (on NBC) tonight!  Yes, I do play dungeons and dragons.  Yes, I have my own dice.  Two sets in fact.  No, I do not own any D&D t-shirts or other D&D paraphernalia.  It's a really fun game, and if you have a chance to play, be open to the experience and take it!  NBC is my favorite on Thursday nights!  I'm not going to lie, I am addicted to many television shows, and I'm not sorry for it.  I still cook healthy meals, work out, play with Elliot, and I read a book a week, so if I want to sit in front of the TV and do nothing, more power to me.  One of my favorite commercials out there is for Charter Communications.  The dialog is something along these lines:

-I love when people say they don't watch TV.
-Oh really?
-Good.  More for the rest of us.

If you don't watch TV, that's fine, but you're not better than anyone else because you don't.  That attitude is one of my pet peeves.  We live in Wisconsin, and I don't like cold, so I can be found inside.  Okay, enough ranting.  I'm ready for some breakfast!

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