Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 33 - I OD'd on hot tamales...

Song of the day:  The Black Eyed Peas - Hey Mama

I'm not really sure how to categorize yesterday.  Some of it was stressful, some of it was awesome, and some of it sucked.  Like I said yesterday morning, Elliot woke up earlier than normal, and I was super tired.  After I posted my blog I put Elliot down for a nap and decided to also take a nap.  He slept for 20 minutes.  I tried letting him whine-it-out to see if he would fall back to sleep, I tried re-nook-ing him, then I tried bringing him in bed with me.  Each tactic worked for about 10 minutes then he would be yelling at me to get him up and play with him.  And when he's laying next to me he likes to put his hands on my face and get about 2 inches away from me and say, "aaahhhh!!"  This always works.  So I gave up on the idea of a nap.  [The bed I sleep in at my parents house is right next to the wall and a window and about 1.5 feet off the ground] Elliot was playing with the window drapes when I sat up.  I then picked up the blanket to look for my phone, found it right away, unlocked the screen to see if I had any texts, then bump and "wwwwaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!"  In the two seconds I had my eyes off Elliot he had gone off the side of the bed, head first, reaching for a guitar stand, and did a 180 in the air and landed on his back.  I piked him up and soothed him, he was more scared than anything else.  After he stopped crying I laid him on the bed to check him over and make sure there wasn't any injury.  He grabbed my phone and started chewing on it.  I normally don't allow this, but I felt so horrible, so I gave in.  He went to chomp down on my phone, but pulled it out of his mouth as he was bitting down and bit his lip.  Which started to bleed.  And more crying.  So we go downstairs.  I made his bottle and tried to feed it to him, but he refused (this has been an issue for a couple days now).  So I figured I'll just let him play a bit then he can eat.  He kept pulling up on his bouncer, so I put him in there, but he just whined so I took him out.  I tried the bottle again, and still no success, but still lots of whining.  I then went in the kitchen to get his veggies and meat (which I had already prepared, just needed to grab it).  [At my parents house there is about 5 inches of the edge of a wooden magazine rack exposed between a couch and a chair] In the 5 seconds I was in the kitchen Elliot had crawled over to the magazine rack, tried to pull himself up, and slipped slamming his head into the edge and getting a nice red line on his forehead.  Awesome.  And it was only noon.  Needless to say we had to cancel our play date with Maria and Kynzley.  Elliot finally ate some food, but still refused his bottle, and went down for a nap at 1:30.  *sigh*

I picked up Cole (my brother) at 2:00 and we went to Panera for some coffee.  My Mom has been back at work for half days so she was more than happy to babysit.  We used to hang out all the time, but since I moved to Madison a few years ago, we haven't really had time for just the two of us to hang out.  At some point we checked the time and it was 3:44 so I figured in another 45 minutes we'd head out and I'd get ready to meet Miranda for our 5:35 Zumba class.  The next time we checked the clock it was 5:45.  Oopps!!  I was really excited for Zumba, so I'm a little bummed I missed it, but I was really enjoying spending time with Cole.  We invited Cole's wife Carrie to come meet us for supper and we all talked some more, and the next thing we knew it was 8:55 and Panera was closing.  It was such a nice time to spend catching up and we definitely got our $1.73 worth of bottomless coffee!  

When I got home I entered my calories and realized that I still had 350 calories to get to 1200 (my goal is between 1200-1550).  Cole got me some Hot Tamales (my favorite candy) for my birthday and I figured I could have a serving (20 pieces) to help get me to my goal.  I counted out 20 Hot Tamales while Logan and I watched Community, The Office, and Outsourced.  I ate them and as I was laying on the couch I realized I was feeling kind of dizzy and watching the movement on the TV was making me nauseous.  I got up to go to the bathroom and the entire room was spinning.  I felt drunk and like I was going to pass out.  My mom got me some cheese and crackers and some water.  At this point I still didn't realize what the issue was.  I drank 5 or 6 cups of coffee, but hadn't had any since 6:00, and I had felt fine when I got home.  Then I realized that this was the first large amount of processed sugar I had ate in a long time.  I tend to like salty a lot more than sweet.  I've had a hand-full of M&M's and some ice cream, but they're not 95% high fructose corn syrup.  I had OD'd on Hot Tamales.  After an hour and 3 glasses of water I started to feel a little better.  I made it up stair and when I laid in bed and closed my eyes I felt even worse than when they were open.  I fell asleep with the room spinning around me.  

Elliot woke up at 6:30 again.  And I feel like I'm hung over.  I have a sugar hang over.  How ridiculous is that?!  I've decided to give away the rest of the box of Hot Tamales, and I don't think I'll be eating anything else like that ever again.  Or if I do, I'll have 2 or 3 and not 20.  

Today is my mom's first full day back at work, so I don't know what we're going to do today.  I'm not sure what I'll be eating for dinner tonight either, but breakfast and lunch will probably be what I always eat.  Egg with toast and grilled cheese and smoked turkey sandwich.  But Kyle's flying home today!  He'll land in Madison at 10:00pm, so he won't make it up here until tomorrow morning, but I'm still really excited to see him!  Hopefully he won't be traveling for a while so we can be a family at home again. :)

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