Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 46

Song of the day:  Justin Timberlake - SexyBack ft. Timbaland

Last night's dinner was AMAZING!!!  I didn't know if I liked flounder, but everything that went with it was my favorite!  Garlic, curry, cilantro, jalepeno, toasted coconut.... you can't go wrong!  The only place we did go wrong was the recipe called for a 6 oz filet, and I didn't bother weighing them, I just assumed they were around there.  I was very wrong.  They're only 3 oz filets so we had half a serving instead of a full serving.  That was fine though since we ate a late dinner.  

When Kyle got home we each had a serving of Honey Bunches of Oats, then I went to work out.  I decided that I really want to do a 5k this year, so I should probably keep moving for the length of a 5k.  In my normal 40 minute routine I do around 2 miles since I'm focused more on speed walking with incline to burn more calories.  Adding another mile - and some running - took me to a 48 minute work out!  After that I did some strength training and really good stretching.  I then had to go to the grocery store, so that made dinner even later.  

Kyle and I have been trying to figure out ways that we can trim our budget so that we don't have to take out as much in student loans.  Kyle said that we could get rid of cable.  This tends to be the first thing we cut when we want to save money.  Currently we have basic cable and it costs about $25 a month.  I'm home all day, and really like to watch the Today Show in the morning and having local news.  I am fine with getting rid of cable when I start school in May, but currently I enjoy having it.  I told Kyle that I find it interesting that he's so willing to get rid of cable now that the NFL season is over.  We'll definitely get rid of it in May, but the jury is still out on our current cable situation.  Lol. :)

Kyle had to go to Milwaukee for work today and won't be home until late.  I am going to have leftovers - and can't wait!  Elliot and I are going to head into Madison today and go for a walk near the capitol.  Hopefully the sun comes out because all of this fog kind of puts a damper on my excitement of warm weather!


  1. Try netflix or hulu plus instead of cable - that is our plan. But we have directv at the moment so we will save over $1000 in one year. Also, check out for great money saving ideas.

  2. We have Netflix and love it! I just really like local news, which I know I could watch online, but it's just not the same, lol. I'll have to check out that website! Thanks!

  3. Doesn't local news come with your very basic cable? We have just local channels right now with Luke being unemployed and we get like nine channels. Just a thought. We also do the Netflix and hulu as well. I don't know if you pay for heat, but if you do have you thought about lowering the thermostat an extra two or three degrees. We did this just to save money on the bill, and by lowering it five degrees we saved $80. We also keep the doors shut and vents off in the rooms we don't use often. I don't know what your grocery bill looks like, but we buy meat in bulk and freeze what we don't use within the first three days.

  4. Yeah it does, and we have very basic cable, just network stations and pbs - but they screwed up and gave us MTV anyway! We lower the thermostat, only buy store brands or something on sale, lowered our cell phone plan, bought a keurig coffee maker so we don't get coffee at shops (saved us a fortune!),and buy everything in bulk and freeze it. We've done budget shaving a few times before and the only thing that we have brought back is basic cable and a gym membership. The gym membership is going away in April since we are moving to a place with a 24 fitness center, so cable's the only thing left.