Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 40 - I have my phone again!

Song of the day:  La Roux - Bulletproof

I want to start off by saying "Thank you" to everyone who sent me an email, message, or comment yesterday.  It feels wonderful to know that I have the support from so many wonderful people :).  I think that's part of the reason it's so easy for me to share so much of me.  I love you all :)

By the time Kyle got home I was in no mood to cook.  I spent most of yesterday tearing apart our house looking for my cell phone.  Elliot found it.  I put him on the floor in the living room and he climbed right into his Toy Story ball pit and picked it up.  I didn't even think to look there, but that will now be where I look first when things are missing!  Since I didn't want to cook, and Kyle didn't want to cook, we ordered pizza.  A few months ago we would have ordered our normal 16" pineapple, mushroom, and pepperoni pizza and we would both eat half.  Last night we both ordered our own 12" pizzas because we wanted different things (and Kyle has a lactose allergy).  He got the buffalo chicken pizza - and I did have a small piece of it - and it was AMAZING!  I got the mediterranean garden on thin crust.  The pizza is a garlic and olive oil base with spinach, black olives (I get green instead), artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, red onion, roasted red peppers, mozzarella and feta cheese.  I also add banana peppers.  Between the thin crust, 12" instead of 16", and the topping choices, I saved a lot of calories.  I know that I would have done better for the day (especially since I didn't work out) if I would have made the fish fillets I had planned, but I don't consider this a step back.  I'm making this a lifestyle change, not a diet plan.  And in my lifestyle there better be pizza!  

Like I mentioned earlier, I didn't get my workout in.  Not that I didn't have a chance, or the will power, I just didn't do it.  I had the intention of doing it after our Thursday night NBC TV shows watch-o-ramma.  But instead we watched some Criminal Minds then went to bed.  Exercise is good for the body, but spending some quality time with Kyle is good for my soul.  

Today I'm going to eat my normal breakfast, have leftover pizza for lunch, and we'll have the tilapia for dinner.  Even with all that food, I'm still going to have to have a snack to make it to my 1200 minimum calorie intake for the day.  I'm thinking some greek yogurt with fruit on the bottom.  YUUUMMMMMM!  :)  I'm also going to do my 30 Day Shred video and some toning work as soon as I publish this post so I'm sure I get some cardio and strength training in!

WOW.  Afterthought - Is the Shamrock Shake out yet??!?!?!

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