Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 44

Song of the day:  Britney Spears - ...Baby One More Time

Yesterday's food choices were so much better than this weekend.  The mango macadamia stuffed mahi mahi was amazing!  We got it from the deli at Super Target and I wish stuff like that froze easily because it was one of the best things I've ever tasted!  We had a pretty low key Valentines day, and it was great.  Elliot was having a lot of acid reflux before he went to bed and Kyle took care of him and got him calmed down enough to go to bed.  I really do have such an amazing husband.  Kyle's always been there to help with Elliot.  He's never pulled the "I have a real job" card.  When he gets home he's always ready to feel Elliot and put him to bed while I make dinner.  There's never any resentment to being a family man.  Even though we didn't have what most people would define as a "special" night, it was special for us.  I'm so thankful for my life and the love that I have to share and receive.  

I did do some strength training yesterday, but didn't get in any official cardio.  I did do a ton of laundry and cleaned our bedroom and Elliot's bedroom.  I also put away all of his clothes that weren't 9-12 month or larger.  He's been in that size for a while now and he's not even 9 months old yet!  He's getting so big so fast! :(  Some of the clothes I put away he didn't even get a chance to wear, or he only wore once!  

After tonight's episode of Biggest Loser I'm going to head to Snap to work out.  I really need to get back into the habit of going to work out.  It's starting to get nice out again, so hopefully Elliot and I can go for some walks this week!  Thursday it's supposed to get up to 50 degrees!  I can't wait!  I think we're going to drive into Madison and walk around the lake.  

Tonight for dinner we are going to bring back the chicken with lemon leek linguine that we had during the first week of weight loss.  We bought some leeks while grocery shopping on Sunday and they come in bunches of three, so we'll probably have this dish a few times unless I find another recipe that sounds good!  

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