Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 80 - snow?!?!?!?!!

Song of the day:  Counting Crows - A Long December

Yeah, it's not December, but it mine as well be.  I'm so sick of snow!  We were supposed to be heading home today, but I'm not sure when we'll head out due to the weather.  It looks like it clears up towards the Dells, but it's still getting there that's the issue.  If it was just me I'd go, but with Elliot in the car I tend to be more careful.

We didn't really do much yesterday, but to celebrate my dad's birthday again (since his actually birthday was yesterday) I made a chocolate cake from a recipe my mom found on the internet.  This could possibly be the best chocolate cake I have ever tasted.  And in no stretch of the imagination is it in any way healthy.  It mine as well be a Paula Deen recipe because most of the frosting is whipped butter and there's about 4 cups of sugar in the whole thing, but oh, oh so good.  Go ahead, click on the Paula Deen link... it doesn't lead to her webpage, but to a more awesome webpage that will guarantee that you get nothing else done today.

Today is my c25k week 3, workout 2, and apparently my shoes were delivered to our house on Monday, so I'm hoping they're still there.  :(  We don't use our front door and have left packages out there for 2 weeks before, so I'm not really too worried.  I'm thinking if we leave around 1:30 then I can workout with my new shoes tonight!  Hopefully this snow lightens up.  :/    

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