Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 60 - Two Months Down!

Song of the day:  The Used - Taste Of Ink

Random thought.  Is it workout, work-out, or work out??  I hate that I don't really know, and I see it written every which way.  Also, I'm forgetting which one I started with and I hate when I don't have consistency in my word choice.  Sorry if this annoys anyone else too... :)  

Elliot had a long day so I had to skip working out with Miranda and hang out with the kid until bedtime.  It was actually a pretty nice evening.  :)  I have really bad shin splints - still! - so I read up on them.  Turns out I should get different shoes, and should probably take some time off from running until the pain goes away.  BOOOOOOO.  It even hurts to walk so I skipped working out yesterday.  I even got dressed and all ready to go, but they were hurting so bad, so I went back upstairs and changed into pj's.  The pain is really making me worried about Monday's weigh-in.  Ugh, I guess worrying doesn't really do anything, so I'm going to have to try and stay active without running/walking/jogging for a couple of days.... hhmmm. 

Anyways, I have two months done!  There's a lot that has changed since the beginning of the year.

1.  I weigh less.  I mean, duh, this is a blog about weight loss, but when I really think about the weight, it's amazing that I used to carry an extra 26 lbs around!  That's more than Elliot weighs! A gallon of milk weighs 8.5 lbs.  That means I've lost 3 gallons of milk!  Pick one up the next time you're at the store, it's a lot more weight than you think.  

2.  My clothes fit differently.  Again, duh, when you lose weight clothes fit differently, but I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe because I can wear more of my clothes!  And the clothes that I still fit into have a better shape about them.  I don't feel like I need to cover everything up with a sweatshirt.  I still have 71lbs to go, but I actually look forward to getting dressed now.

3.  I eat SO MUCH BETTER!  Even though I still have cravings for chips and dip, salsa, and junk food in general, I much rather eat something with flavor and nutritional impact.  Salsa can be relatively healthy but I prefer to make it myself instead of buying jarred stuff.  When we go grocery shopping we barely get anything from the aisles.  The amount of produce we eat has gone up like 400%!  I always knew that I ate bad, but I didn't realize how bad it really was.

4.  I have so much more energy!  Granted Elliot sucks it all up, but I'm thankful I have the extra to give!  I can run up and down our stairs, over and over again, while carrying Elliot, and not get winded.  I feel like I can face the day, and actually face the whole day!  I do everything.  I mean I still have lazy days, but I do housework, I cook all meals, I take care of Elliot, I spend time with Kyle, and I still find time, and have energy, to workout.   

5.  I look forward to working out.  I never thought I would say that.  I don't know if it's because I look forward to some time to myself, or that I'm actually really liking exercising... probably a bit of both, but I like it.  I feel stronger and healthier.  I still have work to do, but I can feel my muscles really taking shape.

6.  I have a renewed self confidence.  I have proved to myself that I can do this.  I can lose weight.  I have control over myself and my future.  My biggest fear is failure, and I think that's part of the reason I never really committed to losing weight.  This hasn't been just a weight loss journey, but a whole lifestyle change.  There's not a magic pill or a all-in-one perfect body workout.  It's hard work and takes thought and planning.  But I've done it.  I've reminded myself that I can accomplish anything that I put my mind to.  

I'm really looking forward to the next few months - and for the weather to get nice again!  I really want to be able to go for a walk outside!  Spring is so close!  :)

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  1. you are doing so well! keep it up.

    HOLY MOLY 3 gallons of milk is HEAVY!