Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 74 - Happy St. Patrick's Day

Song of the day:  Riverdance - Thunderstorm ... I figured it was fitting for today!

Ah, I know I've said it every day for the past few days, but I love this nice weather!  Yesterday Elliot and I played on the porch and watched the birds in the tree across from our porch.  They didn't stay for too long since Elliot kept yelling at them, lol.  When Kyle got home from work we had dinner then went on a family walk.  I love that it's staying light later and that it's warm enough for us to take a walk.  Elliot stayed awake for about 75% of the walk and was "telling us" about all of the things that he saw.  

Today's high is 62!  It's supposed to rain though, so we'll see if we get to go on a walk or not.  Either way, I'm just excited that it's so warm!  This is day 3 of having the heat off, and I'm hoping we don't have to turn it back on!  

Tonight we're going to have ground turkey fajitas.  Kind of like tacos, but with soft shells and veggies.  Thursday's are always my favorite night for TV, so I'm trying to decide what to do for a workout.  I think I'll do a strength training type video (thank you Netflix) at home, then head to the gym for my c25k workout after Outsourced.  When I run on the treadmill I add 1.0 incline (I'm not quite sure what that means, but I do it) and I'm thinking about going up to 2.0 incline.  I looked at the route and it goes through La Crosse neighborhoods, so thankfully, no big hills, but I still want to be prepared for the endurance.  Six weeks and two days left!

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