Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 66 - Just Giving In

Song of the day:  Songify This: Winning - A Song By Charlie Sheen

Ok.  It's official.  I'm sick.  I realized this at about noon yesterday.  It's weird because normally when I get sick it's all about sinus issues with a headache.  Right now my sinuses are completely clear, but my whole body just aches, including my head.  I took some ibuprofen last night to help me sleep, and it helped a little bit, but I can't lay in one spot for more than 15 minutes before I start to hurt.  And to top it all off, Elliot still has a pretty bad cough and runny nose.  :(  Ugh, is it the weekend yet so Kyle can take care of us?  Thankfully he took care of dinner and Elliot last night.  

I'm not sure the next time I'm going to get to work out.  I started doing some strength training at home yesterday, and about 5 minutes into it is when I realized that I was really not feeling good.  I am eating well though, and I guess I have to just focus on getting better and not losing weight right now.

-and what's the deal with all this snow?!?!?!!

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  1. Hope you feel better! It's not fun being sick. I had something similar a few weeks ago. And of course we can be SP friends. My screen name is Jennfur2610