Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 75 - It's Finally Friday!

Song of the day:  Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby

The tacos we had last night were so good!  We had ground turkey with a lower-sodium taco seasoning packet, and then I sauteed a red bell pepper, a green bell pepper, a jalepeno, and two small yellow onions.  Kyle made the observation that he could tell we're eating differently because all of the vegetables were gone and there was still a ton of meat left.  So true.  

After all our TV shows I got dressed and went to Snap.  When I got there I opened my bag and quickly realized I forgot one shoe.  It's not like I forgot my headphones, I forgot a shoe.  What to do?  So I got back into my car, drove the 2.5 miles back home, went inside, got my shoe off the couch, and went back to Snap.  I'm very very very proud of myself for going back!  The whole way home I was going back and forth between just staying home or going to work out.  Snap won out because I'm training for the 5k, I may not be able to work out Friday (today), and I knew that I would have to write on here that I gave up and didn't go.  So, I went, and had a great work out!  

Yesterday I did some research into running shoes.  I stopped using my reebok easy tones for running, and that helped a bit with my shin splints, but the current shoes I'm using are about two years old.  I have high arches and that causes me to walk on the outside of my feet (underpronation).  When I run (or walk) my foot doesn't absorb the shock correctly and instead there's more shock absorption by my bone.  This is also the cause of more shin splints.  I'm sure there's a way more scientific way to explain this, but you can google it if you really want to know more, lol.  Anyways, I did some research on which running shoes are best for my type of feet, and Asics has this great chart which their shoes that help you pick out which style is best for you.  So last night I ordered their 'gel plus 2' shoes and they should be here next week!  And by April 30th they should be broken in quite nicely!

Today Elliot and I are heading to Whitewater to go pick up Ethan and when Kyle is done with work we're all heading to West Salem!  We plan on doing some DnD gaming tonight then Kynzley's first birthday party tomorrow!  And you know what, I'm going to eat cake!  Yum!

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