Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 64 - Monday Weigh-In Week #9

Song of the day:  Britney Spears - Hold It Against Me

Well, after a week of only working out once, and a weekend filled with lots of food, drinks, and odd sleeping hours, I have no expectations for this weeks weigh-in.  

1/3/11 - 232.6 lbs
1/10/11 - 224.2 lbs
1/17/11 - 220.8 lbs
1/24/11 - 218.8 lbs
1/31/11 - 217.4 lbs
2/7/11 - 213.8 lbs
2/14/11 - 214.8 lbs

2/21/11 - 211.2 lbs
2/28/11 - 206.0 lbs

3/7/11 - 207.0 lbs

Weight loss for Week Eight: +1.0 lbs
Weight loss Total: 25.6 lbs

*Weight loss since my heaviest (5/22/10 - 264 lbs): 57.0 lbs 

*Granted I was 9+ months pregnant at my heaviest, but Elliot only weighed 10 lbs, so I'm going to track that as well.  :)

Eh, I gained a pound.  Whatev.  It was TOTALLY worth it!  And it's probably due to lack of water and lack of normal sleeping patterns, so I'm really not worried about it.  Also, I'm still under my pregnancy pounds so that's good!  But now it's time to get back to business!  

Tonight we're going to have boneless pork sirloin roast with BBQ seasoning (we got if season from the grocery store).  I'm going to toss it in the crock pot with some onions and sweet potatoes.  It looks really good, and what I like best is that I don't have to do any real cooking!  I'm going to make sure that I do my workout tonight too.  I'm still feeling exhausted from the odd sleeping schedule, but I know by tomorrow I'll be normal again!  I know I gained a pound, and if I had worked out more before the weekend that probably wouldn't have happened, but I had such a great weekend, and feel so relaxed, that I don't really care!  I guess it's really all about balance .... and moderation.  :)

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