Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 79 - 'say yes to the new house cake wars'

Song of the day:  Lostprophets - Last Train Home

I seriously cannot wait until my new shoes get here.  I have major shin splints, oddly enough just in my right leg, but oh my, I'm in pain.  It's not enough pain that I can't walk, or can't work out, but after my workouts I have to ice for a while.  Other than the pain, I had a great workout!  I really enjoyed the next step of the c25k program and actually had no problem running for 3 minutes straight.  I'm really looking forward to this 5k and I hope to do some of my later workouts outside.  

Other than working out, I really didn't do much yesterday.  Lots of driving.  For dinner we had wok vegetables and grilled sesame chicken.  It was really really good!  But I love everything with sesame oil in it.  I spent the rest of the night watching HGTV, or as my dad puts it a "say yes to the new house cake wars" marathon.  I'm thinking that today will be another marathon since it's going to rain all day!  I just hope that the rain doesn't decide to rebel and become snow.  I just can't take anymore snow.  If it wasn't for family, I honestly don't think that I would stay in any snow infused climate.  I like winter from Christmas Eve to New Years Day, and I think the weather should work with me on this one, lol.         

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