Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 61

Song of the day:  J. Lo - Aint It Funny

Ah - I'm so glad it's finally Friday!  I feel like this week has taken forever!  Elliot had a fever so we didn't do anything yesterday.  He woke up about 6:30, napped from 8:30-12:45 and 2:00-10:00, then went back down to bed again at 11:00, woke up at midnight and we cuddled for about half an hour, then he was out.  I didn't work out because I wasn't sure when he would wake up and I wanted to be here when he did.  I know I should have worked out, and that Elliot was probably just an excuse, but I didn't.  

I'm not expecting anything out of this weeks weigh-in.  Tomorrow morning I'm heading to Chicago to hang out with Alyson for an impromptu mini-weekend trip!  I'm going to try to make good food decisions, but I'm also going to eat what I want and have a fun weekend.  I'm going to try to work out tonight once Kyle gets home from work.  Maybe do a mega workout so I can bank some calories!  :)

I'm still having some shin splint issues, but I'm really not liking being so stagnant.  I don't want it to get worse, but I think stopping working out won't make it better.  I guess we'll see tonight! 

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