Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 119 - Lazy Sunday

Song of the day:  The Lonely Island - Lazy Sunday

Yesterday was really fun.  We just kind of lounged around after the 5k, then Kyle went bowling with my brothers and I took a nap.  After he got back we went to Dublin Square Irish Pub in La Crosse with Miranda and Ryan.  It was such a fun night and the food was really really good!  We ended the night at about 10:30 with discussion about how we were all up past our bedtime, lol.  

Today we went to church then to Target and picked up Elliot's birthday invitations!  We then went to Cole and Carrie's for a cookout and it was great to spend the afternoon with friends.  All in all we really had a great weekend with great people.  Kyle wasn't feeling to well, so we had plans to head out early (which means I missed Gigi's party :( :( ), but of course, between naps and packing up the car, we didn't head out until 6:00.  Thankfully the traffic wasn't too bad.  Now I'm doing laundry and waiting for Kyle to get back from dropping off Ethan.  Definitely a successful weekend.  :)

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