Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 133 - such a nice weekend :)

Video of the Day:  Elliot gets up around 7 and church isn't until 10, so he found a way to help get himself ready this morning by brushing his hair.... with a bottle brush, lol.  

We had a really fun time yesterday despite the so-so weather!  We didn't make it to the farmer's market because UW's graduation and move-out day were also going on, so there were a ton of people and parking was ridiculous, so we skipped it.  Instead we went to the Middleton Library book sale and some garage sales!  We found a ton of great deals on books and clothing for Elliot!  Elliot also saw a lot of "pup-pup" 's.  We weren't really sure what he was talking about at first, or that he was even talking, then we realized that he was saying "pup-pup" in reference to the dogs that were at the garage sales.  So, he has another word in his vocab!  We'll see how long this one lasts, lol.  We also stopped in at Daisy Cafe and Cupcakery for some afternoon cupcakes and coffee.  Elliot, of course, loved it. :)    

Today we went to church and have just had a lazy day since. :)  We had plans to do something, but we've done so much for the past two days, and Elliot's nap schedule has been so weird, that we just decided to lay low this afternoon.  We watched some TV and a movie, and now Kyle's taking a nap and Elliot's in bed.  It's supposed to possibly frost tonight, and I'm not excited about that!  I want the nice weather back!  Where is this spring that I remember from years past, lol.  

Elliot's birthday is in a week, and I have a lot to do this week to make sure that we have everything ready.  I'm really glad that Kyle's home this week so I don't have to try and get it all done by myself, or with Elliot's "help." :)  I'm thinking that tonight is going to have an early bed time, because I'm already ready to fall asleep, lol.  

I haven't really worked out at all this weekend.  Our challenge for my group has been to do 75 of a certain workout (push-ups, crunches, forward lunges) everyday, and I've done it about 2.5 days.  But my eating has been really good - minus today!  Not that today was horrible, but I did finish all my Candinas Chocolates today.... in one sitting.... eight chocolates... yeaaahh.  So, I guess I'll just have to see what tomorrow brings!  And I'll remember to weigh-in, I promise, lol.  :)

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