Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 141 - Monday Weigh-In Week #20

Song of the day:  As I Lay Dying - Through Struggle  .... I'm really not into metal, but the band name seemed fitting for how I'm feeling today...

I am sick.  Really really sick.  It all started about 2:00am Monday morning.  So sick that I'm not even going to go into all of it, but I will let you all know that I couldn't even get up off the bathroom floor to go back to bed and slept on the floor for a few hours.  Thankfully Kyle was able to stay home from work and take care of Elliot.  I honestly don't know what I would have done if he couldn't because I couldn't even stand until about 2:00pm.  I'm writing this on Tuesday because I didn't get up at all yesterday, but I did get a chance to weigh myself!  

1/3/11 - 232.6 lbs
1/31/11 - 217.4 lbs
2/28/11 - 206.0 lbs
3/26/11 - 208.8 lbs
4/25/11 - 206.0 lbs
5/2/11 - 205.5 lbs
5/9/11 - oops...
5/16/11 - 204.0 lbs

5/23/11 - 202.4 lbs

Weight loss for Week Twenty: 1.6 lbs
Weight loss Total: 30.2 lbs

Weight loss since my heaviest (5/22/10 - 264 lbs): 61.6 lbs

In one year I've lost 61.6 lbs!  That's awesome!  Now that I don't feel like I'm dying anymore, I can actually get excited about the weight that I've lost!  If I can continue to lose, I should be at my goal weight by the end of the year!  

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  1. So close to being in the 100's. Go Bekah Go!!!!!! Keep on moving. Once you hit that mark you will be off to the races again. It fun to hit those milestones