Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 118 - My 1st 5k!!!

Song of the day:  R. Kelly - I Believe I Can Fly  ...haha, yes, I picked this song because it's so corny for the occasion, lol.

Well!  Last night I decided to map out a 5k in West Salem to see what I was really getting myself into.  I ran it in 36:45 and felt pretty good about running a 5k in the morning.  My goals were to 1. run it in under 40 minutes, 2.  run it in around 36 minutes, and 3.  don't walk.  I figured those were pretty good goals.

This morning I woke up, and it's raining.  Goal change:  run in under 40 and don't walk, lol.  I woke up a little before 8 and I was nervous right away.  I got dressed and headed down to Riverside park while drinking water and eating some Honey Nut Cheerios.  I parked and headed down to pick up my runner's packet.  Then I wasn't really sure what to do.  The race wasn't for another hour and it was raining, so I headed back to my car.  I sat there for about 30 minutes then headed back to the park.  There I ran into my cousin Melissa (who is actually a runner) and that was really nice because then I had someone to spend the wait time with.  My Aunt Patti and Melissa's daughter Genevieve also came so it was nice to see them too!  I didn't get to see Kyle, Elliot, my parents, or Ethan before I had to "take my mark" but I knew they would be there when I finished.  :)

We ran through the La Crosse neighborhoods and it really wasn't bad.  The rain was actually really refreshing and kept you cool.  I was actually annoyed when it stopped raining, lol.  They had time markers at mile 1 and mile 2, and water at 1.5 miles.  There were times when I definitely wanted to walk, but I wanted to at least keep that goal in tacked!  At the turn right before we headed back into the park for the final loop was my family  :)  It was awesome to have them all there cheering me on!  I really pushed myself for the last stretch and picked up my pace (passing a few people on my way!) and I finished with an official time of 34:08, with a  pace of 10:59 min/mile!!  That felt awesome!!!  I accomplished all of my goals, and then some!  I wasn't even close to the fastest, but I wasn't last either!  I came in 414 out of 581 overall, 38th in my division (not sure what that division is) and 240th female (not sure out of how many)!!  I'm really glad that I did this and I feel like I have really accomplished something!  I have showed myself that I can do this!  --And I did it after running 3.1 miles the night before!  BOOMFACE!  I think I'm experiencing a "runner's high" because I feel like I could do anything right now, lol.  

Ah, feeling great today.  Even though it's raining, today couldn't be better!

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