Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 137 - yay yay thursday!

Song of the day:  Relient K - Come Right Out And Say It

Okay.  Yesterday was May 18th, and I was cold with the windows open.  COLD!!  That is just... just... wrong. I don't even know what else to say about it.  Today is supposed to get to 71, and it supposed to be humid.  For Saturday it's supposed to be 74, but raining :(  The rain sucks, but I'm glad that we rented out the clubhouse, otherwise it would have been a tight fit in our apartment!

For dinner I made whole-wheat pizza all from scratch!  The most processed thing on the whole pizza would have to be the pepperoni.  Here's the links for the pizza sauce and whole-wheat pizza dough.  We topped the pizza with reduced-fat part skim mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, pineapple, and pepperoni.  It was so so good!  

I didn't get around to working out again, but I did clean our room and our bathroom.  Today I'm going to clean the other bathroom, kitchen, and dining room.  Tomorrow is going to be my big baking day, so I don't plan on getting any workouts in for the next few days, and I'm okay with that!  Today I need to make a master list of stuff we need for the party because we are going to go grocery shopping tonight!  I'm just so excited for this weekend, and I can't believe that it's already here!  Yesterday was a year from Elliot's due date, so a year ago today I was laying on the couch, huge and uncomfortable, lol :)  Glad to say that I will not be doing that today!    

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