Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 134 - Monday Weigh-In Week #19

Song of the Day:  Jason Gray - I Am New 

1/3/11 - 232.6 lbs
1/31/11 - 217.4 lbs
2/28/11 - 206.0 lbs
3/26/11 - 208.8 lbs
4/25/11 - 206.0 lbs
5/2/11 - 205.5 lbs

5/9/11 - oops...
5/16/11 - 204.0 lbs

Weight loss for Week Nineteen: 1.5 lbs
Weight loss Total: 28.6 lbs

Weight loss since my heaviest (5/22/10 - 264 lbs): 60.0 lbs

YEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!  I am finally seeing the scale make a significant move again!  I feel like it would have made a larger move if I had eaten better this weekend, but I'm okay with the 1.5 lbs!  Also, I didn't really work out at all this past week besides a few days of the challenge, so I'm okay with my weight loss number.  My plan for this week is to continue to eat well and get in 30 min of cardio 3x this week.  That should be pretty easy since Kyle is home this week!

More good news is that I've had a really hard time keeping my pants up - the new pants that I bought like 4 weeks ago!  So whereas the scale isn't making a huge move, the inches are definitely coming off (my hips at least, lol).  I wore shorts and a pair of pants in the past two weeks that I haven't worn in well over two years!  And they fit perfectly!    

Today, Elliot and I are having a play date with Beth and her nieces!  I'm really excited and Elliot will be when we get there, since he loves to flirt with the ladies, lol.  I'm trying not to get too wound about making sure everything is ready for Elliot's birthday, because, really, there is nothing I can do right now.  I could clean up, but I'll just have to do it again, and I can't cook anything because it will be icky by Saturday.  So I just need to enjoy my day.  :)  

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