Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 146-148 - Memorial Day Weekend

Song of the Day:  Taylor Swift - Speak Now

What a great weekend!  We spent Saturday helping my parents get ready for Logan's graduation on Sunday.  We set everything up and cooked all the food.  It was a busy day, but it's always nice to spend time with family. Sunday we went to church, then went to Logan's graduation, then did the final set up for Logan's party.  There were so many people there!  Of course, who can blame them because my mom's walking taco's are the best!  I probably ate my weight in tacos.  And Linda's Bakery almond cake.  Enough said.  So, so good :)  

Monday morning I went to breakfast... well it was 10:00, so brunch with some of my closest friends.  I love getting together with these ladies because I feel like, even though we have different things going on in our lives, we pick up right where we left off.  For the afternoon we celebrated Logan's birthday (more amazing food and cake!) and finished taking down the tent, tables, and chairs from the party.  We got Elliot a little splish-splash activity pool since it was so hot, and he had fun in it, even though the water was a little cold.  

We headed home around 7:15 and before we even hit Tomah (about 40 minutes in) Elliot had thrown his pacifier and I couldn't find it from the front seat.  He was screaming so we pulled over, found it, put it back in his mouth, then continued driving.  By the time we hit Wisconsin Dells (about another 35 minutes from Tomah) Elliot had thrown his pacifier again and was yelling.  We then decided that this would be the first night without a pacifier.  We were fine with him having one, but wanted to get rid of it sometime this summer anyway.  He's started using it as a tool to get what he wants (he throws it on the ground and he assumes you'll put him on the ground too) instead of as an aid to fall asleep or calm down.  So, it's gone.  He finally fell asleep in the car, and fell asleep at home without his pacifier.  We'll see how tomorrow goes....   

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