Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 136

Song of the day:  Miranda Lambert - The House That Built Me

We had a very nice lazy day yesterday.  :)  For dinner we ended up having spaghetti and garlic bread.  I have had a little roller-coaster of migraines lately (had one Friday as well), and nothing seems to be helping.  So last night I really didn't want to cook and spaghetti is super easy (when you get jarred sauce).  It was really good and a little bit 'comfort food' feeling.  I went to bed early and feel so much better this morning.

The challenge for this week is to get 30 minutes of cardio in every day.  Due to my migraine I didn't get 30 minutes in yesterday, but I'm hoping to get in 60 minutes today to make up for it.  Along with working out, I am going to start deep cleaning our apartment.  Elliot's party is in the clubhouse, but we'll be showing people our house as well, so I want it to be clean. :)  It's supposed to rain on and off today, so it's a perfect cleaning day!  And after dinner (which I'm currently unsure of what that will be...) we're going to go shopping for some of the stuff for Elliot's birthday.  There's some things that I don't want to get until Friday or Saturday (ie fruit/veggies) but there's quite a bit I can get now.  

I'm really excited to see a lot of our friends and family that we don't get to see very often!  It's so awesome that people are willing to drive down for Elliot's birthday and really makes me feel loved :)

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