Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 107 - The Goldilocks Effect

Song of the day:  Train - Meet Virginia  

Before I start writing, I have all of these ideas of what I want to talk about, then I start writing and I totally forget.  Lol.  I forgot to mention that when we were shopping I was trying on size 14 clothing.  The last time we went shopping I was trying on 18/20 clothes!  It felt awesome!  I was completely shocked when I tried on a size 14 Calvin Klein dress at Boston Store and it actually zipped up.  I could even breath!  The biggest problem that I have is that I'm still in-between sizing.  I'm too small for plus sizing and too big for regular sizing depending on the brand.  It's so annoying!  It's like I'm Goldilocks looking for "just right."  I think that in the next 10-20 lbs I'll be completely in regular sized clothing, even if it is L/XL.  The last time I was at this weight I could only shop in plus sized clothing stores.  So even though I'm the same weight, my body is smaller, more fit, more muscle.  Really I care more about measurements and how I look than what the scale says.  Granted a smaller size tends to equal a smaller weight, but weight isn't really what I'm aiming for.      

Sticking with the clothing theme... Yesterday.  I ordered.  A.  Swimsuit.  Yep, the dreaded swimsuit that I didn't even want to try on when I was 155 lbs.  My dad has a conference at Wilderness in Wisconsin Dells at the end of the month and he gets free water park passes, so Elliot and I are going to join him.  Waterpark = swimsuit.  I tried some on this weekend, but because of my chest I definitely need to order one from a plus size website.  I ordered two from torrid.com.  I'm not totally thrilled about being in a swimsuit.  Don't get me wrong, I look a lot better than I did three months ago, but I'm so not ready for this.  Thankfully we're going in the middle of the week, so I'm hoping that equals out to no one being there... or at least no one that I'll ever see again, lol.  

Oh, today, it's snowing.  Yep.  April 19th, and it's snowing.  When will it end?!  A week and a half ago it was 80 degrees outside, now it's snowing.  Yuck.  

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