Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 110 - Good Friday... Friday

Song of the day:  Rebecca Black - Friday  ... I just couldn't help myself.

Yesterday went a lot better than the day before.  Elliot's back to his normal self and when Kyle got home he was pretty much bouncing off the walls!  

It turns out that there was some confusion on when the challenge started this week, so yesterday was 50 push ups and today is 50 squats.  So I did 50 push ups again yesterday! Boom face!  I did two sets of 15 and two sets of 10... and I do "modified" (girl) push ups.  I've had joint issues all my life and when I did a set of regular push ups a month or so ago, my wrists jammed and swelled and I was in a lot of pain, so yeah, I don't do those.

I also finally made an eye exam appointment and a dental appointment (for me and Elliot).  I say finally because I've been meaning to do that since Kyle and I got married and I got new insurance... almost two years ago.  But I'm glad that they're made, and I've been trying to floss at least every other day.  I've also started using Jergen's Natural Glow lotion, about every day.  I haven't really been out in the sun since our honeymoon (June '09), including fake tanning, and I am very very white.  I don't want to fake tan again, thanks to the years of advice from Alyson, who recently sent me this when I was contemplating fake tanning: 

   "this public service announcement on the dangers of tanning is brought to you by alyson lokken, pre-phd in cancer biology: 

     -the reason you get tan is because UV radiation (even modest amounts) causes DNA damage. as a result, your cells die (apoptose) and release pigment in the process. the darker you are, the more cells you've killed. murderer.
     -the idea of a "base tan" is completely made up. there's no evidence at all that being tan is somehow preventing you from damaging your DNA-- it's just preventing you from seeing that you're damaging your skin. 
     -two moderate exposures to UV within a weeks time is way worse than one bad sunburn because you accumulate DNA damage without giving adequate time for cells to repair the damage. two events of damage = mutations predisposing you to cancer. which leads me to...
     -melanoma, the most common cancer in people in our age bracket. unless it's caught early (which is hard to do), it quickly metastasizes and then there isn't any treatment. at all. less than 10% survival rate by that time. 
     -the vitamin d argument is a joke. don't even try to rationalize it to me. stand outside for 5 minutes, drink a glass of orange juice and you'll be fine. take a supplement if you still think you're low. 
     -pale people: audrey hepburn, anne hathaway, rachel mcadams, nicole kidman, gwyneth paltrow. tan people: lindsay lohan, tara reid, snooki, arnold schwarzenegger. you pick.

picture me giving you this lecture next time you're tempted to go tanning. if that doesn't work, just think about how many people have laid naked in those tanning beds. nasty people with excessive shoulder hair and back zits. blue moon style. you know what i'm talking about ;) "

So, no to fake tanning, yes to Natural Glow.  I've also considered trying spray tanning, but I don't really have anything to be tan for, so I don't really want to spend the money on it.  Either way, I'm not sure if the lotion is really making me tanner.  I think I look like I have a little more color, and Kyle wasn't sure if I looked tanner or not.  But as any woman who has every been in any sort of male-female relationship knows, guys aren't always known for their observation skills when it comes to changes in our hair or skin, whether subtle or extreme, lol.  I also dyed my hair last night.  I had dyed it red-red a month or so ago, and it faded to this light auburn color, and my roots were light brown/dark blonde, and it didn't look very good.  So, now my hair is a dark brown and I'm going to add in some highlights today.... and if it doesn't look good, I have another box of the dark brown so I can fix the highlights, lol.  I know I should really get my hair done professionally, but the only person I trust to do my hair lives in La Crosse (Gigi at Metropolitan Salon & Day Spa - go see her!) and we are always so busy when we're in town.

I guess that since I've decided to take better care of what's inside my body, that taking care of what you see on the outside is the next logical step.  With that thought, I think I should probably pluck my eye brows today... yikes.

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