Monday, April 29, 2013

Here comes the sun (du dn du du)

I'm happy to report that what I thought was a terrible cold, was actually terrible allergies!  I knew it!  The problem was the medicine I was taking.  I was taking zyrtec, and it just wasn't doing anything, so I took a nasal decongestant, but I still felt blah even though I could finally breath, which made me think cold since my allergy meds weren't doing anything.  Well, I realized that the allergy meds I was taking were from when I was pregnant.  Now, if it's okay-ish to take while pregnant, that means it's probably not doing anything because there's no real good working active ingredients.  So, Sunday morning I went to Walgreens and got some Claritin-D, and my world is such a better place!

This weekend was awesome!  It was so nice outside!  While the kids were napping on Saturday, Kyle and I did some yard work, and now our yard looks so much better!  Kyle's brother Aaron came over in the afternoon, and the kids were so excited to see him!  We went to the park and they played a ton!  Sunday they didn't wake up until 7:00 - which is sleeping in a ton for them (and for Kyle and I!!).  Sunday we spent the day at the park, coloring on the sidewalk, playing in our yard, and taking a nice long walk.  Both kids had baths and were ready to go to bed!  I love that we're able to get them outside!

Sunday evening I went for a run, and I'm glad to report that I took 1 min 1 sec off my mile split time!  The last time I ran I averaged 11:47 min/mile, and last night my average was 10:46 min/mile!!  I mean, I'm nowhere near winning races speed, but I'm pretty happy!  I'm hoping I can do the same this weekend!  When I left for my run I reminded Kyle to lock the door behind me (Elliot has been trying to escape lately - and figured out how to unlock the screen porch door).  I got back from my run, and knocked on the door, then sat down to stretch out.  After a few minutes I was wondering where Kyle was.  I called his phone, and could hear it ringing in the kitchen...  then I realized it was (by now) 7:50 and Kyle was probably giving Elliot a bath....  greeaaaaatt....  So, I stretched some more, played some candy crush saga, called my mom, and then finally at 8:05 Kyle was back downstairs and let me in, lol :)

On Thursday, on of my friends let me try part of her lunch, and then gave me the recipe for this really easy quinoa dish.  I made it on Sunday and it is amazing!!  The recipe makes a ton, so I think I'll half it next time, but I brought some today to eat for a snack, and I'll probably eat it again for dinner!  It's a vegan recipe, but by no means am I going on a vegan diet.  Saturday night I had a hamburger, and it was amazing.  

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