Monday, April 22, 2013

Productive Procrastination

This past weekend, I took both Elliot and Caroline to a birthday party for my friend's daughter.  I'm happy to report it wasn't as bad as my nerves had thought it would be!  I tested them out Saturday morning by taking them to the grocery store.  They did really well, so I figured that was a sign that I would be able to take them both to the party by myself.  Now, some of you may be reading this, and not understanding what the big deal is.  Elliot will be 3 in may, and Caroline turned 1 in February, and she can walk.  Now, two kids, one parent... what happens if they both walk in different directions and are both doing something that they shouldn't??  Not the end of the world, but the only person I knew at this party was my friend and her daughter.  I can't really ask strangers to watch my child as I go get the other one.  I also wasn't sure where I was going, so I ended up parking as far away as possible, so reigning in both kids while caring my purse/diaper bag and a gift was kind of stressful.  But the kids had a ton of fun, and it wasn't until we started getting closer to noon (read as closer to nap time) that they started losing it and we needed to go home.  There were a few times that Elliot ran into another birthday party room, or Caroline wanted to eat a non-edible toy (and then lost it when I took it away from her), and that sucked because you feel like all these other parents are watching you to see what you'll do.  But really, I realized it doesn't really matter because, besides my friend, I'll probably never see them again.  Also, they all have kids, and I know mine can't be the only crazy ones.  One of the ladies I met (her husband was also their) had their three kids, and she was pregnant with their fourth - so I know she could empathize with my anxiety!  So all in all, it went fine :)  My parents came over that afternoon, and the kids were excited to see them once they woke up from their naps :)   

Sunday, I opened up the tent and tunnel that we got the kids for Easter.  It was meant for them to play with outside, but the weather hasn't really cooperated (and even if it was nice, our lawn is so full of sticks and leaves that it needs to be cleaned BAD) so I decided to just set it up inside.  They had a blast!!  I'm so glad I did it because I wasn't feeling very good and didn't have anything else to entertain them with!  Both of them tried to drive their little foot powered "cars" through the tunnel, but they didn't fit.  It was funny watching Caroline try to duck to she could fit through, lol.  

This morning I've gotten a ton of work done!  I'm getting a lot of the little things done so I can focus on my big papers and presentations.  This could also be read as I am procrastinating doing my big papers, but at least my procrastination is productive :) 

Happy Earth Day!

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