Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Why hello One-derland!!!  For those of you who don't know, that's what people who have been living in 200+ range call finally being in the 100's!  You may have seen this talked about/shouted on shows like The Biggest Loser.  But I've been so excited to get back here!!!!!

This week I'm down 2.2 lbs, putting me nicely at 198.6!

The last time I remember being under 200 was the day before my bachelorette party, and I weighed in at 188.  I was horrified.  But apparently not horrified enough, because the next time I remember weighing myself was 4-5 months later, and I weighed in at 204.  So it's been about 4 years since I've seen a 1 at the beginning of my weight!  

I'm getting really excited for summer and our vacation!  It's finally starting to warm up outside (of course it's supposed to be back in the 40's on Thursday), but I only have 13 days left until I'm done with school (for the semester)!!  Of course I start right up with a summer class after Memorial Day, but I'm still looking forward to this semester being over.  It's actually been less stressful than past semesters, but I'm just ready for a break!

I don't really have much to write, which is fine, because I have a presentation to prepare for!   

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