Tuesday, April 17, 2012

trapped in the basement

Song of the Day: R. Kelly - Trapped In The Closet Chapter 1 - feel free to waste your day watching all 500 (exaggeration) chapters...

Our dining room table and chairs was scheduled for sometime between 9:30 and 11:30.  Thankfully they showed up at 9:30....

...our basement door has a real lock on it.  Like, you need a key to get upstairs if it's locked.  Well I took clothes down to the laundry, walked back up and realized that I was locked in the basement.  Quick mental assessment of the children, Elliot is watching Veggie Tales and Caroline is in the pack 'n play fed and changed.  Okay, check for my phone.  Not in my pocket, it's on the couch.  Crap.  Look through the few tools that are down there to see if I can pick the lock with anything... see, I watch a lot of cop shows and stuff like White Collar that have me convinced that I can break into/out of anything... of course, there's nothing except a few crowbars.  I check out all the windows, one looks promising without the promise of lots of spider webs.  Thankfully we also have ladders in the basement.  As I'm looking out the front window I see the Slumberland furniture truck.  Yay!!  Then it drives away.  No!!  I'm hoping that they just looked at the front door to see the note that says to to the back door, and are now driving around the block.  I go up the stairs to the basement doorway and look out the door that leads outside - that does not open.  (and yes, I did try to call Elliot to open the basement door, with no luck).

The truck pulls up and the guys get out and I start knocking on the door.  The guy looks at me hesitantly then walks over.  I explain that I'm locked in the basement and ask him to go see if the back door is unlocked.  I was hoping that I left it unlocked when I took the trash out this morning - apparently I didn't.  So I head to the window at the front of the house and the furniture guys head there too.  I unlock the inside window, they unlock the outside window and I pry it open with the crow bar and use the ladder to help crawl out.  Yay! I'm out of the basement!!  But I'm still locked out of the house.  

I know that the dinning room windows don't have screens and that one comes open without the crank... but they're all locked so that doesn't help.  We tried getting Elliot's attention and then told him to go open the door.  He laughed and smiled and waved at us waving at him... thanks for the help kid!  There's a window that goes from our 3 season porch to the play room... one of the only windows with a fully intact screen... which is now a casualty of war.  I tried to pop the screen out, but it didn't work, so I punctured it with the crowbar and ripped it out.  I was then able to push up the inner window and climb inside.  Thankfully I had not locked that window!

Then they loaded in our new table and chairs.  It all took about 30 minutes, and the moving guys  complimented me on how well I was handling the whole situation... I think I have all the cop shows I watch to thank for showing that staying cool under pressure is much more productive.

And good news is that the kids had no idea :)  ...and now to finish the laundry... step 1: unlock basement door.

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