Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Song of the Day: Jessie J - Domino

Yesterday instead of working out while the kids took their naps I slept and watched Criminal Minds reruns.  I was exhausted since Caroline decided that getting up at 2 am was going to happen again!  We had this issue with Elliot too after we would be gone for a weekend.  They just get off schedule, so hopefully she'll be back to sleeping through the night after a few days.

Last night Caroline woke up at 1:30am, and after I was done feeding her I just put her to bed in our bed.  The heat in her room is really weird and we need to get a space heater.  Since it's like 25 degrees over night her room is super cold, which is why I just let her sleep in our bed.  Well at about 4:15 ish she started fussing around so I tried to give her a nook.  Bad idea.  See, Caroline isn't super into her nook, sometimes she wants it, but 90% of the time she wants nothing to do with it.  Well, last night she wanted nothing to do with it, and ended up gagging, then throwing up all over the place.  Thankfully I had put a burp cloth underneath her, so nothing got on the bed.  I had to clean her up and feed her again, which puts it at about 5:15 by the time I'm done.  I decided to go downstairs since she was still fussing because I didn't want Elliot to wake up.  Well, that didn't matter.  At 5:30 I hear Elliot upstairs.  By 6:00 he was fully awake and at his door.  So much for getting any sleep.  

Instead of napping with their nap today, I decided to get my workout in so I can go to bed earlier tonight.  So day 3 of JM 30 Day Shred is done!  I'm feeling energized right now, and I'm hoping that lasts for at least a few more hours!  When the kids get up we're going to go for a walk to Walgreens to pick up some antibiotics.  Turns out that a family brought their sick child to church, and put her in the preschool center, and their other children could also be infected, and they were put in the nursery and children's church.  What is this sickness that is so communicable that the children should have been kept at home.  Whooping Cough.  Wait, isn't there a vaccine for that?  Yep.  So, because these parents decided not to vaccinate their kids, I now have to give my 6 week old antibiotics because she came in contact with one of the children, and again, it's highly contagious and can be fatal, especially to infants.  If parents decide to not vaccinate their children, fine, that's their right (I don't agree with their decision, but it's their choice), but at least keep your kids at home!  Seriously, even if it wasn't whooping cough, why is your sick child out and about?!  Shouldn't you keep them at home so they can get healthy?  And so they won't spread the sickness?!  I am not saying that you shouldn't bring sick people to church, that would probably be sacrilegious on some level, but if you're bringing them there because they're sick and you want prayer for them, keep them with you not around other kids. 

*If anyone wants to respond with their own views for or against vaccines, that's fine, but I'm not going to respond either way.  I have done my own research, and I believe what I do about vaccines, and I'm not going to change my mind, as I'm sure you're not going to either, so lets agree to disagree (if we disagree)* 

Anyway, that's my quick rant.  Thankfully we were made aware of the situation and it can be remedied quickly.  

For food, I've been really into egg salad sandwiches made with a sweet pepper.  We have a dozen hard boilded eggs from this weekend and I already had a dozen regular eggs in my fridge.  So I've been eating a lot of eggs.  I always have eggs for breakfast, so I've been doubling up on them for lunch as well.  I watched an 'egg-cellent' (see what I did there?) video on eggs from Joy Bauer, the nutrition consultant on the Today show.  I'll admit it, I eat the yokes on every egg I eat.  I'm thinking of making salmon tonight for dinner.  I've tried giving it to Elliot before, but he was definitely not into it.  Maybe tonight.  Maybe.

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