Friday, April 13, 2012

5 miles... sure, why not?

I love this song.  It's on the Disney advertisement before the Cars 2 movie.  It just makes me feel good and smile :)

Yesterday I didn't get around to doing the 30 Day Shred.  Caroline was having an "I want Mommy all day" day, which is perfectly fine with me (except when I really have to pee...).  So when Kyle got home at 7:40 I gave him a kiss and was out the door for a run.  I ran/walked 5 miles in 70 minutes, a 14 min/mile average.  Not bad for my first time out.  My first mile was about 12 min/mile, and they got longer and longer as I started walking more and running less.  Why start with 5 miles you may ask?  Well one of my goals is to walk/run 5 miles a week, and it's supposed to rain for the next 4 days and I don't want to not reach my goal on the first week.  I'm actually feeling pretty good today.  Just a little sore in my right hip, but I think after moving around for awhile that will go away.

The diet part of losing weight really hasn't been hard this time around.  It's just tedious to weigh everything and really make food, and that hasn't really even been that tedious or time consuming.  I actually find myself needing to eat a snack after dinner to make sure I get enough calories for the day.  Last night my choice was 1/2 cup of in the shell pistachios.  I like when they're in the shell because then you have to work for them, and they take longer to eat, so you don't eat as many (in theory).  I measured out 1/2 cup so I wasn't going to eat more anyway.  What I hate about pistachios in the shell is the possibility of biting a piece of missed shell.  This happened to me last night.  A tiny piece of the shell stuck and it felt like I had just bitten a rock.  Thankfully I didn't chip a tooth or anything, but ugh, pain.  

Since Kyle's home tonight my plan (again) is to make salmon.  This time I actually got it out of the freezer, so the chances are greater that I'll make it tonight, lol.  Maybe we'll even get out the grill!

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