Tuesday, April 10, 2012

so out of shape...

I know that was also my song of the day yesterday, but this is the Glee version.  Either way, I'm addicted to both, but this one has Darren Criss and Matt Bomer, so it my fav!  I CANNOT wait for tonight's episode of Glee!!

Yesterday went really well!  It gave me hope for the first day!  I ate really well, and was even low on my calories so I got to eat some Easter candy :)  I did the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred for my workout, and wow, I'm out of shape.  I mean, I knew that I was, but yikes.  I also got all of my measurements and saw how many inches I've gained in a year.  Granted I was pregnant, and am still losing the pregnancy weight, and no matter what my boobs were going to get bigger with pregnancy, but it was really eye opening to see everything else too.  I'm just glad I didn't gain as much this time around!  Looking at the numbers of adding another 20 lbs would have just been even more depressing and defeating.  

Along with the Jillian Michaels workout I also did one of the fitness tests on SparkPeople.com.  I did 25 sit-ups (crunches) in a minute, and 15 (modified) push-ups in a minute.  Not bad, but definitely not even good, lol, but it's a start!  For the ab work in the video I had to modify it quite a bit.  I'm cleared to start exercising after 6 weeks, but ab stuff can take 6-8 weeks, and I read somewhere that your internal incisions can take 9-18 months to fully heal.  So since it was a little painful to do lower ab work, I decided to skip it and just focus on the upper ab stuff.  

I wish that it was nicer out.  It looks so deceiving outside.  The sun is shinning, but it's so cold!  I would like the days of 80 degrees to come back!  Of course this is more appropriate spring weather, but still!  I really want to take the kids on a walk, and if it was just Elliot I would, but Caroline is still to little for me to be comfortable taking her out in 40 degree weather.  

I really want to do the La Crosse Fitness Festival the first weekend in May, but if I can't get out to at least walk, I don't know if I'll be ready for it.  We did get a treadmill from my in-laws, but of course I can't lift it into the house, and Kyle's gone.  So getting it inside is on the list of things to do this weekend!  Along with so many other things :)         

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