Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 164 - digital digital get down

Song of the day:  N*Sync - Digital Digital Get Down  ...I heard this song while filling up my brothers car at Kwik Trip today, hahahaha!

I had a great time at dinner with Donna!  I've had to cancel on her the last four times we made plans, so I'm glad that I took time out from school to hang out with her.  Of course, I'm now realizing that I should have planned it for today instead since D2L for school is down, and there's not really a whole lot I can do without it :/  

I've realized that I need to just maintain my weight for the next three weeks, and not really focus too much on trying to lose weight.  I just don't have the time or energy to really try to lose weight.  I do need to curb my snacking, but other than that, I'm not going to worry about changing things too much right now. 

Elliot's still working on the six teeth that are coming in, and he was pretty beside himself as it got closer and closer to nigh-night.  But!  He did say his first two work sentence today!  It was "more cracker."  Well, really it sounded like "mooooooorr cacka."  But I was really proud of him, and it was really cute :)   

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