Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 151 & 152 - JDD!!

Video of the day:  50 State Stereotypes (In Two Minutes)  ... I thought this was funny :)

All day yesterday I thought it was Friday, and today I woke up thinking it was Thursday.  Thankfully I still got all of my school stuff done on time.  I have been spending each day stuck to the computer as soon as Elliot goes down for a nap, so I really want to do work this weekend so I don't feel so rushed come Monday.  

My friend Beth came over for a while yesterday afternoon and we spent the time with Elliot in the pool!  He loves it so much!  He refuses to get out even though his lips were starting to turn purple, and even after I dried him off he tried to go back in!  With the weather looking like it will hit the high 80's/early 90's today, I think we'll spend most of the day in the pool.  It's super nice out already this morning, but I'm thinking of preemptively turning on the a/c.

Last night, I cooked dinner for the first time in a week!  We had stir fry, which is always good!  I also got to use some of my basil and cilantro from my "garden."  The only down side is that I was doing school work that I needed to finish first, so we didn't eat until 9:15pm.  Oh well, food is always good!

When Kyle gets home from work we'll be heading to West Salem for June Dairy Days!  I'm super excited for the parade, bingo, mini doughnuts, and to see all of my friends!  Not necessarily in that order :)  With so much fun packed into this weekend, I'm not sure I'll have time for homework, but I'll need to make some time.  I had wanted to run the JDD 5k, but I haven't ran since my last 5k, and it's supposed to be really hot, and I don't want to run outside in 80 degree weather.  Ick.  

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