Wednesday, May 8, 2013

almost done!

I have so much to report on, but so little time since this is my last week of classes!!! 

My 5k on Saturday went way better than I had hoped for!  I wanted to get under 33 min, and ended up with a time of 30:34!!  Which is under 10 min/mile!  Awesome!!! 

Besides the 5k, I haven't really done much to work out this past week.  Last night the kids and I went on a walk, and that was about it.  My eating has also been off this week, and Saturday I went way off and got the most amazing seafood pasta dish I have ever had!  And it was definitely calorie dense, but that's okay because I didn't end up gaining this week!  Granted I only lost .2 lbs, but I'm okay with that :)

I would love to keep writing, but I have so much to do today!!  The end of the semester is so close!

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