Friday, May 10, 2013

The Final(s Week) Countdown

Song of the Day: Europe - The Final Countdown  - choosing this song also got me REALLY EXCITED because I remembered that the new season of Arrested Development is starting up on Netflix May 26th!!!!

Seriously, could the end of the semester be any easier?  Last semester, the end was terrible!  I had a ton of finals and paper and sick kids to top it off.  I had 16 credits, and I was stressed!  This semester, I only took 12 credits, have finished papers early, and only have one final!  As of Tuesday by 9:45, I will be done with the semester!  I'm actually bored in the library right now - hence time to write a blog :)

I'm planning on starting to look at what topic I want to research for my capstone project next year.  I'm still kind of undecided, but I know it needs to be something I'm really interested in if I'm going to really want to stick with it for a 30-ish page paper!  I have a few topic ideas, but I just need to sit down and get lost in PsychINFO for a few hours.  I'm also impatiently waiting for my professors to update grades!  Two of them have almost everything in, one is pretty up to date, and the other is so far behind that it's kind of stressing me out!  I'm not worried about my grades, but I just want to know!

I really hope it doesn't rain all weekend.  Right now it doesn't look like it's supposed to rain, but the high is only 55, so that kind of sucks :/  I'm getting my hair done Saturday morning though!  I'm getting more highlights put in!  About seven weeks ago I got some really subtle blonde highlights, and I think I'm going for more blonde this time around :)  Getting ready for summer!   Our fence is hopefully going in on Tuesday (as long as the rain didn't delay their schedule)!!  I'm so excited to have it up!  And it's prefect timing because next week is the kiddos last week in daycare (until September).  

Our vacation is also 54 days away!  I started my countdown at 105 days, so it's excited to be almost halfway there!  The rest of May and June are going to fly by!  We have so much going on, especially the weekends!  I'm also taking two online classes this summer, and that also seems to speed things up!  I feel like it's going to be December, when I finally graduate, before I know it!!  


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