Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 241 - The Best of Intentions

Song of the day:  Taylor Swift & Nicki Minaj - Super Bass

This morning I had every intention of doing a school day run through.  Well, kind of an intention.  My plan was if I woke up between 6:30 and 7:00 that I would do a run through.  Well, I woke up at 6:56 and tried to time out if I really need to get up by 7:00 or if I can wait until 7:30...  I fell back asleep trying to figure it out.  I got up again around 8:30 which is about when we need to be leaving for the day, so we'll try again tomorrow I guess!  

I filled out all of Elliot's daycare papers yesterday and I'm still so torn about the whole thing.  I know it will be really good for him to spend time and socialize with other kids, not to mention that it's really good for me to get back in school, but I am already missing the time we get to spend together.  Really, it's only for 16 weeks.  Then we get 9 weeks (or so) together before the next baby gets here!  I'm glad that we'll have a few more weeks to spend together before his world gets turned upside down!  And I'm glad that he'll learn about sharing with other kids before the baby gets here!  I keep thinking about trying to start potty training Elliot, but he has no signal at all that he's going to the bathroom.  TMI:  It used to be really obvious when he was pooping, and now he does it and you don't know until he runs by you and it smells.  And I tried to just let him run around naked and see how that went, and within 30 seconds he had already pee'd all over one of his toys (that was thankfully cloth and easily washed).  Hopefully being in daycare will also help him realize that going to the bathroom should happen in the potty and not in his diaper.  We'll see, I guess!

I can't wait for Kyle to get home.  I'm just so bored at night without him here.  Not that I'd be doing anything different, but the house gets lonely when he's not home :(  He had cleaned the house when Elliot and I were at my parents, so I'm going to be spending the next two days getting it picked up again.  Yesterday I went through all of Elliot's clothes and packed away the ones that are too small, and put away all his new clothes.  I actually need to buy more hangers because he has so many clothes.  Looks like we may have gone a little overboard when we went shopping for him!  The good thing is that most of them are 18 months or 18-24 month clothing so they should last a really long time!  

Today the high is 84, tomorrow 92, and Friday 91.  YUCK.  But thankfully a cold front is coming in Friday night and the weather will be in the low to mid 70's for the rest of the week! That's the perfect weather for me!  I love the fall!  I love layering clothing and wearing jeans.  And since I'm always warm (with the baby being my own personal furnace), anything over 73 makes me feel horribly hot!  And the fall is just so beautiful :)

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