Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 239 - Last week of summer.

Song of the day:  Justin Bieber - Pray

It's been two weeks since I last wrote.  I'm not really sure why I haven't written anything.  Probably because the only thing to write about would be how nauseous I have been :/  I've tried some over the counter meds (okay'd by my doctor), different flavors of suckers, and eating small foods every two to three hours.  Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't.  I'm 14 weeks now, and have been hoping for a little give on the sick feeling, but it's still around.  Thankfully it's not as bad as it was a few weeks ago, so hopefully I'm on the down swing.  

I  realized that this is the last week that I have as a stay at home mom.  It's a bittersweet feeling.  I am really excited to be back in school, but it's so sad to not be spending every day with Elliot.  Kyle's in Michigan this week, but will thankfully be home for the first two weeks of school so I'll have some support in case I'm starting to feel overwhelmed.  I realized that since I changed my class schedule around that Elliot only has to be in daycare for 4 days a week instead of 5, and that he'll only be there for 28 hours a week which puts him under full time - and saves us $55/week which is awesome!  

We've also taken a real look at our budget and we'll be out of debt (except for student loans, which we don't really count) by the time the baby gets here!  That's a huge relief since we're also looking to get a larger car and hopefully a house.  We're 95% sure that we're staying in Madison for at least another 3-10 years and we're sick of renting.  The only thing keeping us from buying a house in Madison would be if the most amazing perfect job ever opened up to Kyle in La Crosse.  That's highly doubtful.  We've started looking at houses online, but who knows what will still be available in 6 months, or what else will be available!  I always hate not knowing what's will be happening.  And everything is going to be happening really fast.  Our lease is up March 31st and the baby is due February 27th, and we're going to have to be house shopping, and moving, and having a new baby (not necessarily in that order) all in about two months.  Lots of prayer will be what gets us through this!

Tomorrow Elliot has his 15 month check-up and then sometime this week we're going to head to Whitewater to turn in his daycare papers and hopefully get the rest of my books.  Thankfully UW-Whitewater seems to have a lot of adult students so I don't feel totally alone and old going back to school.  Hopefully it will take two years to get done, but I'll already have to take a semester off this spring for the baby, and who knows how quickly I'll get pregnant again!  Lol.  Okay, I think it's time for 1st lunch...

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