Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 218 - I wouldn't call it giving up, but...

Song of the day:  Rebekah Hulse - I've Always Wanted To Do This

I have been gaining weight, and I'm going to continue to gain weight, until about February 27th.  :)  And for those of you that still haven't figured it out, I'm pregnant!  My appointment on Friday was my first ultrasound!  We were able to tell the rest of our family and friends (and thank you to the ones we already told for keeping a secret) this weekend, and now I can finally say that I'm 11 weeks along!  The picture below is a close up of the ultra sound.  It's super fuzzy, but the bottom circle area is the head, and the top circle area is the body.  The babies heart rate was 163 bpm.  I can't wait for the next ultrasound (in about 11 weeks) to find out if we're expecting a boy or a girl!

This pregnancy is completely different from when I was pregnant with Elliot.  I am extremely nauseous and the only thing that helps is grazing all day, mostly on carbs.  My favorite snack is buttered popcorn with pickles.  Not mixed together, cause then the pickles would make the popcorn soggy, but eaten one after another.  SO GOOD.  I'm also into every kind of noodle dish.  And, just like when I was pregnant with Elliot, meat is grossing me out.  I don't know what it is, but I don't want any meat.  I've been subbing peanut butter, nuts, and beans to help keep my protein up.  

As far as weight, my goal is to stay active (which I have yet to do) and eat healthy (which I'm doing okay at) and not gain as much weight (unless that's just what my body does) this time around.  I'm just glad that I had lost all of my pregnancy weight before getting pregnant again!  I see the scale going up, and I'm trying to be okay with it, but it's actually been harder this time around.  With Elliot I embraced the weight gain, but now, I just worked so hard to get rid of the weight, that seeing it creeping back up is psychologically taking it's tole on me.  I'll add though, that I'm not trying to lose weight or cut calories or anything.  I still know that I'm pregnant, and that I'm gaining weight, and that's good, I'm just not fond of it, lol.

I'm not sure if I'm going to do a weekly weigh-in.  In fact, I'm probably not going to.  I will do a monthly weigh-in though on the 27th of each month, just to keep everything in-check.  I also wrote down my weight gain from when I was pregnant with Elliot, so I know where I'm at in comparison.     

I had to get a new doctor since I had a c-section with Elliot, and I will probably have one again.  I have yet to meet him, and I hope he respects my wishes to wait until my due date to have the baby, but I guess we'll cross that bridge when it comes.  :)

Oh, and, if you clicked on the song link, you've just been Rick Roll'd!

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